Orcs vs The World

Human is no longer the only living race in earth, a new race has been born an Elf race with 4 different cults(Wood, Dark, Union, and High)  has surpass  human with movement skills and agility.

Humans has no other choice but to surrenders to all elf intelligent. however, human did not realize that Elf are fragile, but elf recognize that human are easily manipulated with money and other. Elf cannot let human knows about their weakness so all four elf cults struck a deal with human by showering them with money, gold ,and desire in exchange all human race has to defend all  Elf race from any danger.

Nores, Kislev and  Amazon form group called Anti-Fur Society which Vows to defend Elf race with the help from the Alliance of Goodness (Bretonnian, Halfling , and all remain humans(No dwarf, they all in jail because of DUI))

Elf decided to expand their control and start to conker the remain of the world. they attack all Rats colony and there leader Tekashi 6ix9ine and turn them to Skaven. Elf next target was Chaos World, they infected their population with T-Virus forming a new mutation now called Nurgle. they experimented on few Dwarf prisoners with T-Veronica Virus created Dwarf Mutation. Elf has one goal which control the whole world.

mean While at Mordor Mountain, the Green skin knows as Orcs did not appreciate all elf works. all Orcs Vows to stop Elf distraction. however, Orcs did not realize that elf has done so many damages to all living Organisms that they could not find any race to trust

Entering  11 Shade of Orcs

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