Who are they? And why?

After weeks of fighting with the Goblin tribes, that been hiding in caves and the harsh and inaccessible terrains of the middle Mountains the Black Guard got orders to start patrolling the roads towards Brass Keep, but not to venture to deep towards the fallen fortress, as it stands defiant and offering the servants of Chaos a safe haven.

There was a full moon tonight the twelve of them was patrolling.

Something was off…

Even Dagg was quiet, Dagg the face pounding ogre, Dagg who always talking and joking around about news,rumors and results from the MML, Dagg, the ogre who claims to be the best blocker in the Old World and how he would crack the skull of those frog looking kroxes with just one mighty blow.

All of sudden the air changed the atmosphere got thicker, without a thought all twelve formed two defensive cages, guarding each other’s backs.

Slowly 20-30 creatures with a foul appearance starting to appear from the cover of the forest, beastmen and chaos warriors, looking at them like they were already dead.

They all knew what to do and that they all hade to put there lives on the line keeping the two cages intact waiting for one opportunity one chance to blits open some space so Helmut can side step out and dodge away in to the forest and call for backup, it was the only game plan for survival..

The atmosphere was getting tence, everything was about to burst, but that very moment a swift almost noiselessly sound came from above. Captain Advar just happened to look at the moon, seeing a volley of black fletched arrows flying over the heads and without hesitation he called out for the charge!

The battle only lasted some breaths, they barley managed to cross swords with the enemy, but looking around they could see that no offspring of Chaos hade escaped the silent death of those arrows.

From the shadows a human like figure dressed in black tunics and a black raven symbol carved on to his dark tinted armour appeared, holding an Long bow in his hand, gazing arrogant on the humans and the big ogre.

– Who the hell are you? And what the hell do you want!?, Dragg shouted out in rage.

Before he managed to finish the sentence ten more black cloth figures stepped out from the forest surrounding them with the long bows drawn.

– We are Asur from Nargarythe, so I dare you to speak again..The figure in black said with a calm voice looking at Dragg.

High Elfs from the shadowlands here in the middle Mountains?

– I am Advar, Captain of the Ostland Black Guard, we own you our lives and I apologies for my friend speaking out of turn…But please state your business here in the middle Mountains, and how we can be at help.

The black figure smiled while looking Captain Advar in the eyes.

– I just came to tell you that from this moment on, Coach diMarkos will be coaching us, Nargarythe Ravens in the MML, while slowly steping back to the forest and disappearing in to the night.

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