10,000 what you ask? There have now been 10,000 games in the Farm since it has been created. While the league grabs a lot of the attention, for me, the farm is the real heart of the MML. This is where we go to play nice and friendly games with no stress (well only the stress you bring to it), try out some crazy plays and build up potential teams and stars for the league. So to commemorate this amazing achievement, I thought I would put together a little article.

So what was the 10,000th game? It was a game between Doomfrog and Fire_Talker that ended 1-1. Here are the stats from that game preserved for all eternity.

Blood Bowl 2_20180428064613
Blood Bowl 2_20180428064648
Blood Bowl 2_20180428064700
Blood Bowl 2_20180428064705

Next up I’m going to highlight all the current farm leaders in each category. These are players that are still in the farm and have not been transferred into the league, or dead!

Blood Bowl 2_20180428062538
Blood Bowl 2_20180428062612
Blood Bowl 2_20180428062622
Blood Bowl 2_20180428062631
Blood Bowl 2_20180428062642
Blood Bowl 2_20180428062655
Blood Bowl 2_20180428062706
Blood Bowl 2_20180428062718
Blood Bowl 2_20180428062733
Blood Bowl 2_20180428062743
Blood Bowl 2_20180428062752
Blood Bowl 2_20180428062804

Now let’s take a look at the top games that have taken place in the farm. Here are the most violent games in farm history.

# Cas VS Teamname Team
1 15 West Coast War Dogs The Hideous Halfpints
2 13 28 Months Later San De Zu De Zou
3 13 West Coast War Dogs Bored of the Rings
4 13 The Hideous Halfpints West Coast War Dogs
5 13 The Hideous Halfpints B.E.A.R.
6 12 ACR Messina Crimson Claws
7 12 Norsety By Nature The Mummy Factory
8 12 Rabid Mongrels Mushroom Heads
9 12 Gims Wolfs Thermohaline Annihilation
10 12 Big and strong Fling it with Attitude

Then we have the games with the highest number of touch downs.

# TD VS Teamname Team
1 15 Mobbed Up Mighty Mighty MouseTones
2 12 ERB Bartertown Scavengers
3 10 ERB R.A.T.T.S
4 10 Cheesy Chlamydians LizardOrcz
5 10 T.O Blue Monks Deathshards
6 10 ERB Bartertown Scavengers
7 10 F*** It I’m Goin Deep! Agents of the Alliance
8 10 Treehuggerz 2.0 The Warped Minds
9 10 First Line Random Trash
10 10 War Dogz The Hideous Halfpints

There are lots more stats for you to discover at http://www.mordrek.com/goblinSpy/web/goblinSpy.html?platform=ps4&league=Cabalvision%20Official%20League&competition=Champion%20Ladder%2014&q=*top

On to the next 10,000 games! Have fun on the farm everyone.

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