16 Turns Interview: The Toreador

     By Geoff Kleese


You inflicted three key injuries in today’s game while leading your team to a 2-0 victory. For the fans at home can you tell us your daily practice routine?”

 “Yes, I start the day with several bowls of Khorne Flakes, I then spend three to five hours practicing Rock Paper Scissors, normally focusing on my form and tells. To end my practice regimen I reserch advances in armor technology while searching them for weaknesses so I can stay one block above the rest.”

“You are the second most violent player in your pool with 8 injuries inflicted, is there a secret to your success?”

  “I wouldn’t call it a secret, but my study into the weak spots of dwarf, human, and orc anatomy has served me well. If you hit their jaw in just the right spot you have an almost guaranteed removal! Its really quite amazing how such seemingly sturdy races are so easily injured.”

“Before you were called up you led the Farm in interceptions, yet now that you are in the Pros you have not intercepted a single pass, whats the deal?”

“Heh, I suspect that word of my interception capabilities has reached my opponents, and they are now afraid of passing the ball much less over me!

”What do you do when you aren’t breaking opposing players skulls?”

”I run several Rock Paper Scissior leagues on the weekend. They’ve really blossomed recently, and its great to see new talent in the industry.”

”I’m afraid thats all the time we have today thank you for agreeing to speek with me”

”Not a problem glad I could be here.”


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