3 arms better than 2!?

The Gladiators met the Thugz on home turf in what was anticipated to be a low scoring violent affair.

From the kick off the Gladiators put in a blitz and immediately gained possession of the ball but also saw Warwick Lance on the receiving end of a chaos fist knocking him clean out!. The first half was a very scrappy affair with the ball changing hands on many occasions. Going into the half time show as well as Lance, Muly Mantle and Mras-gors also slept through the entertainment in the dug out.

With the second half under way Aaron Fleischer fell foul to Wirey Pelt stamping on his head which resulted in him having his head stapled back to together. It wasn’t long before another Gladiator was maimed by the blood lust fueled Reapwarp Dal’Shin who soon after claimed a second scalp by smashing Gordon Fleisch’s hand!

With three of their players in the dugout the Gottlieb blitzer Fentleberry hit Slouky Mantle hard and laid him out on the astro granite. The snotlings ran on to carry the injured beast man away to assess his condition.

The dying moments of the match were the height of the action! It saw the Thugz beast man Pay Mane break free with the ball, perform a blitz then cross the line for a touchdown!!

The response of blitzer Edwin Valdron was to knock the head off Kraus–favours …..quite literally!! Leaving him dead!!

Mantle later recovered from the injury with no ill effect, but there was an effect on his body later on!! Let’s just say he can provide that extra hand when needed!! 😉