Grunts Locker Room in Turmoil After Video of Them Playing Blood Bowl Goes Public

GRUNT NATION – The New Orcland Grunts are fighting amongst themselves after an embarrassing video of the team was made public, thoroughly humiliating every one of the supposed professional blood bowl players.

The video appears to have been taken on Monday night at the Grunt Nation home field, and shows the team getting destroyed by a skaven team. A shot of the scoreboard at the end of the video seems to imply the Grunts lost by 5 points and reports say they only have won 2 games all season. Video of the game was shared with Just Score, Orc Times and several local networks in the MML world.

“Whoever let this and any other tape of us playing blood bowl is clearly trying to tear this team down,” said owner Warchief Thrall. “If we find out who did it, there will be consequences.”

Early indications suggest the video was made public by the MML itself via league broadcasting and video distribution contracts. But the Grunts have dismissed that idea.

“Think about it…it makes no sense,” said Leeroy Jenkins. “The league wants to promote its product and sell the game. So there’s absolutely no way they would put tape of this team out there. It defeats everything the league is trying to be.”

Some on the team suspect rookie black orc Testorclese could be behind the leak.

“He’s a dumb kid who doesn’t know any better,” said Jenkins. “He thinks he’s in the MML and that it’s something to be proud of and wants video of him out there showing him playing in the league. But what we’re doing is not MML blood bowl. It’s an abomination.”