A bright future awaits the Challenge League!

Greetings fellow coaches of the MML!
Today I bring you great and exciting news about the future coverage of the MML in the coming season.

I have after long talks with the powers that be and after careful consideration and much mead I have decided to take up the mantle and scepter as your official Challenge League reporter.

Who is this pretentious fool you say? And rightfully so because we have not as yet been introduced. My name is Ergo Census and as a long time admirer of the (sometimes) noble sport of Blood Bowl I have taken an interest in MML lesser known league “The Challenge League”. For is it not so that we all root for the challenger, does not our blood beat faster when we’re seeing the underdog sticking it to the camp? When we see that fresh face covered in blood stand victorious over his foes, do we not all cheer?

If you are of similar mind as me then the news are indeed great, for I’ll be bringing you all the ins and outs of exactly these great bouts. We’ll be with those new coaches when they accept their ticket into their first serious competition, where crushed skulls are not something that you only talk about, but that you see happen every day. We’ll get to follow those fresh players on their first day of junior professional play, we will join them when they take those stumbling steps onto the grass (or concrete) of the competitions pitch. We’ll together see them face their fears, conquer them or die trying. Legends will be born, dreams will be crushed, goblins might get mistaken for a mid-game snack. Anything can happen, I make no promises towards the content, but I do promise you a feast of blood, gore and football.

For now I’m leaving you, for I have much scouting to do, many questionable places to visit and a great many interesting new prospects to talk to.

But before I take my leave I would like to remind all of you budding coaches batteling it out in the Challenge League or in the animal feeding ground known as the Farm, that you’re all free to take up you mighty pen and forge your own words of strength and honor in the name of the MML, if you feel the urge to write and influence this great league contact our honored Commissioner and I’m sure he’ll welcome your support.

Until next time fellow coaches. A great new chapter in the MML begins, and it’s just that the story of beginnings, its indeed a true origin story.


  1. I love it fnords! Glad to see the CL getting more attention, maybe Ergo should begin his coverage with the only CL champ the league has ever known??? 😉

  2. yay challenge needs more recognition. do you need a coannouncer? if so i might be able to help call a few.

  3. Announcers are very welcome. Ergo will be spending most of his time compiling statistics, writing articles and such. So any help with announcing games is very welcome

  4. ok me helping to coanounce would probably depend on if there is no background violin, don’t think anyone involved (except me) would want to listen to it for a hour+

  5. im not sure what your referencing jest, but if you remember when we played are as game there was a violin for like the first 30 seconds thats what is.

  6. Rez, yeah some kind of recap of past seasons would be a very nice start. Kind of a mini retrospective. Anyone with a very good memory that would like to sit down and speak with Ergo for a while?

  7. Lol.. You are pounding that one Rez, (right so admittedly! 😉 ) I am also very glad this is happening and good work Fnords! I loved my last season in the CL and still going through the playoffs. (Although that might end pretty soon, as I should be playing my playoff match this weekend. 😀 )

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