A Brother lost

Edd sat wondering as hard as a Orc can.
His whole life all he ever had to do was look up and his twin Andy would be there. They did everything together, they fought and lost their first fight together and won their first fight together years later once their strength matched their ambition. They found the love of Blood Bowl the same way, fighting hard and getting nowhere only to find they could fight and get paid playing Blood Bowl. It seems they both shared an unusual skill for their kind on the pitch, they could actually pick the ball up without thinking too hard and carry on running. They even found after some training by coach South they were quite good at catching the ball and even dodging tackles. These were things that some Orcs looked at from afar with suspicion but not Da Yate Yobz. Here they had found a family when South had approached them offering gold and glory.
But now…
Now he sat on his own staring at his brothers empty locker even when in fact he was surrounded by his teammates. Beaten and bruised with a pain in his hip that hurt when he ran at full speed, a fact he had told no one but he suspected South knew. Not that the coach would say anything to anyone either. He respected this human for not raising the issue instead giving him time to mourn his brother and come to terms with it. He could easily be dropped from the team and cast adrift like many a old player but he had been kept on?
Then he heard the door open and a noise spread across the changing room. He looks up to see South stood in front of him but also a young looking orc with a kit bag over his shoulder.
“Edd I have an important job for you and one that I think only a experienced player like you I can trust with“ said South. “This is Nalrud FuBbeiBer and he comes from a far off land to the east, his name means Footbiter or perhaps Footchewer and I’ve brought him here as I see great promise in him as I saw in both you and your brother. I’d like you to take him under your wing and teach him how we play blood bowl here at the Yobz.” And with that he turned patted the new orc on the shoulder and leaves.
Edd slowly looks up at the blitzer who is now dropping his bag of armour in to his brothers old locker and wonders if it is that easy to replace a player? South is a coach he has much respect for but now there’s something deep in his gut that his small mind can’t quite work out. Please let the new season start soon so that in all the bloodshed and excitement of a game he might get some clarity and put behind him the loss of his brother!

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