A Change of Strategy

A Change of Strategy

This is what Woody likes. Looking at trophys. It is not the biggest one, but it’s cute at the very least. ‘Circle of Happy Serenity Bowl Winners Season 7 –Harrelsons’, Woody’s first title in the MML after being knocked out in the first round of the Play-Offs in S5 and suffering a devastating loss to the Princes of Arioch in the Semi-Finals of season 6. ‘Finally something I can put on in trophy-case’, he thinks while finishing up polishing the shiny eye-shaped trophy. As he sits down, puts his feet up on the table, lights a cigar, the door bursts open.

‘What do you think you are doing?!’ Coach LouLiz screams at him, smashing his fist on the desk, knocking the trophy over. Woody jumps up, catches the trophy right before it hits the ground (yes, he used to have diving catch when he was a player) and looks up to LouLiz. ‘What’s your problem, man? Can’t you ever be happy? We got a trophy, a shiny one. That game against the Gingerbread Boys was fantastic. They have championship-winning potential and we still managed to beat them with our power-offense.’  – ‘Did you watch any games in the regular season? You promised me a team that could win the championship and all you gave me was a bunch of divas! That new guy? I’m about to fire him. Selfish, ignorant, f’orc’er! I tell him to hand it off, he takes the ball back, losing us the game! What is wrong with that dude? He seems to be obsessed with stats nobody cares about. I can’t work with a team like that! Dancing Leaves carried the team by himself this season, doing everything, even killing Dorfs for f’orc’s sake! If everybody had acted like that new guy, we’d be going down to the challenge league! We need more punch, options to fight back when being bullied!’ LouLiz finally catches a deep breath. ‘Okay, now I feel better.’

Woody looks at LouLiz, then at the trophy. ‘But, …. all the touchdowns….’ LouLiz gives him an evil eye. ‘Okayokay, I might have something, come along.’ Woody walks over to the bookshelf, grabs the tree miniature on the top shelf and all over sudden the wall opens, displaying a hidden room, dark and dusty. Different Blood Bowl memorabilia are stacked up in a chaotic fashion. In the middle of the room, there is a big wooden box, almost looks like a casket. LouLiz walks up to it and reads the attached notes. ‘Open in case of emergency’. ‘Do not storage in direct sunlight’, ‘Caution, dangerous’ and ‘Wait 30 seconds for activation’.

‘Count Fnords sent me this a few days ago as a token of appreciation. I’m still not sure about the guy that’s why I was hesitating to open it, but now might be the time. Let’s do this.’ The two men ply it open and simultaneously jump back as they see what’s in the box. A body. ‘WHAT THE F’ORC?!?!’, LouLiz screams. As the first shock passes, they walk up to the casket, examining the body. Red hair, tattoos, perfect body-shape, clearly a War Dancer. But something is off.

‘He looks a bit pale, is he dead?’ Woody asks. ‘I don’t know’ LouLiz replays, slowly touching the War Dancer’s arm. The body starts moving, slowly but still with power and grace. ‘I’m sure he was at least near death. ‘Lirdaeth’, says the creature as he opens his eyes ‘Lirdaeth is the name, pleased to meet you – where do we start?’



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