A chronic foulers guide to fouling (or how to reaaaaly make coaches mad) t1 why should you foul

Hello junior foulers I am here to help you learn the many ways to foul. In this episode I will explain whey you should foul. You know the blodge cpomb mino that is tearing your team to shreds that you can’t get of the pitch? knock him to the ground and introduce him to a boot to the head. That agi 5 stripball war dancer that is tearing your cage apart and you can’t touch him? show him your friend mister boot, strength 5 lizard that is impossible to injure that is marking half your team? Foul him too, 1 turner gutter runner that will win the game for your opponent that you can’t get off the pitch? foul it. In short foul everyone.

Now I know what you are thinking, but mister chase I don’t want to kill players or make coaches mad at me. If you don’t want to kill players why are you reading this guide? As for the later don’t worry if it makes the opposing coaches mad; foul more they need to learn how to play blood bowl.

Now with that out of the way lets look at the tools of the fouling trade. Skill number 1, dirty player this skill adds 1 to the armor or injury roll. a player trained in stomping on opposing players weak point this skill is hated by elf coaches a very good reason to use it. Skill number 2, sneaky git this skill keeps you from getting ejected. Unfortunately this doesn’t work all the time if you injure the player you are fouling the ref might still notice aka a elf coach pointed it out to the ref, And finally we have the bribe i don’t really think i should have to explain this one if I do i envy you

That’s all for this episode i will post the next episode some time late next week. Foul you later.



  1. Good article , Chase. With three fouls leading to three ejections this season, I can use some advice. 😉

  2. Thanks Sturm might i recommend a referee rest area? or a dirty player fouling elf combo refs tend to not notice fouls on elfs. with shaven its a toss up

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