A chronic foulers guide to fouling (or how to REEEEEAAAALY make coaches mad) turn 2 the many ways of fouls

Hello beginner foulers its chase in this episode I will go over the many ways to foul. The turn one big guy foul aka the take them down a notch foul this is quite handy with low strength teams, or teams that don’t really have a way to deal with big guys. The plus 2 on all stats 3 doubles skills player foul, or you are a idiot for leaving this player in a place even remotely foul-able (like really what where you thinking putting him on the field when you played me).

The stall foul your opponent is stalling a yard away from the goal line time to gang foul his best players till he scores. The I hate this race foul, where you foul every turn (mainly done to elves, shaven, lizards, and dwarfs). The my name is boot you piled on prepare to die foul mainly employed against killer chaos. The my opponent is leaving all of his players on the ground foul, or you are a wimp and deserve being fouled foul. The this player just pulled off 5 6 plus dodges to score foul aka the raging at elves foul. The your opponent is being a jerk or you are filled with a urge to kill pixels otherwise known as the turn 16 foul.

Thats all for now will post another when I decide what to do it about


  1. Teacher, how many points do you have to be down before you can start fouling every turn to get a #PitchClearWin ?

  2. as i have only seen it happen once and it was quite awhile ago i believe you get a extra 2 points for a true pitch clear.

  3. if anyone has any ideas for these say them in the comments no guarantee there will be a turn on them but you never know 😉

  4. I heard a story if they can’t field a team they take 2 turns from each team and give a TD to the team that can field a team. Then repeat the process if they still can’t. But, I have no clue if this is true.

  5. jest did it to me and he scored on t16 to make it 1 1 and i had 5 or 6 ko’s and none of them came back so he won 3 1 so idk

  6. i saw someone say what you heard but it was in 3rd edition and i think it was a house rule.

  7. meh whatever i remember something like that happing (i know I’ve been pitch cleared atleast once

  8. I definitely saw the pitch clear td awarded recently, maybe a game from Josiah Frost?

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