A Fruit Basket for The Foreman

A package arrived at the offices of The Mummy Factory.  Inside is an intricate basket of woven Ulthuan wicker encasing a ceramic dragon on one side and a ceramic lion on the other.  Within the basket are a series of rotten fruit, giving off a horrid stench.


A note is attached to the basket:

Dear The Foreman,

I was very impressed with the beautiful passing I witnessed in your last match!  I have never seen deadites pass the ball with such grace and passion.  Please accept this gift from my own personal pantry.  I do not suspect that you and your teammates enjoy food, so I have enclosed some Expired fruits from Ulthuan.  Perhaps you will enjoy their particular scent.


Tharranduil “Royalty”


  1. While I myself don’t think much of the low elves… The Foreman was nearly in tears when he found the gift from his pro idol!

    All these poor deadies want to do…
    Is prove they can elf too…

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