A Gift Basket For Lithe

A package arrives at the team office for Dignity, care of “Lithe”, return addressed from the team office for Dignity.

Inside the package is an intricately woven wicker basket, with a ceramic plate on all four sides that depicts the Dignity Lion.  Within the basket are all manner of goodies:  Beautiful fruits from Ulthuan.  Freshly baked vegan cookies. A hand carved wooden Lion’s head, other snacks and knick-knacks, and a child’s crayon picture depicting two high elf catchers with hands raised in a high five.

An attached note reads,

Lithe, in your very first attempt, you have shown us your true calling.  Physique is alive because of your quick hands and deep knowledge.  We can never thank you enough, and we are so proud to call you Dignity’s Apothecary.


Sestonn, Royalty, Physique, Tenacity, Eccentric, Funny, Swift, Jester, Dauntless, Fortress, The Lion


  1. This isn’t legal! Where is his union card! Lithe was an non sanctioned APO! The Grunts should get a league issued win! These elves continue to break the rules and nobody seems to stop them!

  2. Good point Shots! Will be interested to see how this develops…. Although Lithe seems to do a better job than most sanctioned Apo’s.. :/

  3. He is in the process of getting sanctioned. We got permission (bribed) to get him a temporary license when our last apo mysteriously died of missing organs.

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