A GRAVE Encounter

” Mind if I join you”? the cultured voice seemed out of place amongst the shambling horde of undead and worse creatures surrounding them. “Come on in” Like we could stop you, thought Eilivaror, as he motioned towards the tall hooded figure who emerged from the throng, the shadow of the hood making his features unreadable in the fading light of day.”what do you want”? it was the obvious question…. “why my good fellow, I’m on a, how can I put this…..I’m on a Recruiting drive, Ill take him, him, that hairy one as you have two….and of course the big one, is that ok”? “Its not like you have much of a choice is it” the voice was like ice.

“Oh, don’t we now….. well lets see about that, FLUFFY!!”

“Hold on a minute, what are the rules?, will of NUFFLE and all that?”

“Yep, any dead you get to keep”

“seems fair”

“OK, you kick”

..and so it begins again, the underdogs out gunned and out skilled by their opponents, relying on grit and determination to see them through, the ball lands and whilst everyone watches it bounce, Fluffy takes out zombie, he’s not coming back, the Norse collect the ball and form a defensive position. The undead respond by knocking down a lineman who is then stamped on!! “right lads….at em” Eilivaror shouts as he surges forward knocking down a ghoul who also gets stamped on, again with no lasting damage….A creation larger than the other shambles forward and blindsides Fluffy and she carried from the pitch, on the way off the necromancer looks at her but she’s only KOed…. maybe later he thinks. The ghoul get stepped on again before having a chance to stand, again no damage, and the ball is carried into the undead half, the runner Sturla is fouled and knocked out as the ball carrier is set about by a ghoul and an undead knight, he’s stunned but manages to throw the ball off the pitch on his way down, eager fans pitch it deep into the undead half, right into the end zone …again the ghoul is stamped on, again no lasting damage, what is this vile sorcery?? a thrower gets to the ball, this is it!!!!……..Or not as he fails to grasp the slippery pigskin which bobbles at his feet, again the undead knight (Wight?) and ghoul combo strike pushing the thrower away and attempting the pickup, and failing, the ball bouncing back into the end zone , the Wight stands their cursing, too late recognising the danger as a Norse bezerker heaves him into the crowd and the, yep, fails another pick up attempt.

Finally a ghoul gets the ball and buggers off , the Norse giving chase, a howler is brought down by a zombie and only a quick application of fist aid saves him, he’ll be back on later, in reply the other Howler twin goes medieval and stuns a mummy!! have some!! a Skeleton gets stunned and the ball carrier gets based, another lineman gets KOed whilst the ghoul hands the ball to another of his degenerate kind who runs out of reach, the Norse  don’t seem to care they crowd around the prone mummy and stick the boot in, but he’s only stunned.

The Thrower is downed and fouled as the undead stall, finally the Ref spots this and blows the whistle, but wait… a bag chances hands and play continues….. dirty, dirty undead!! The Norse are having none of it and again stomp the mummy…..again he’s stunned, in the dying seconds of the half the ghoul crosses the line 1-0 this is not looking good 🙁

The stench from the undead dugout is so vile 4 KOed Norse decide they would rather be back on the pitch…the ball is kicked and collected by a ghoul as the undead smash into the Norse line, nothing serious….for now. Fluffy, back and eager to please body slams and Ko’s a zombie as a mummy KOs a lineman, unfortunately before she can get back to her feet a zombie applies a kick to the head and she off….KOed again. A Howler bases the ball carrier and a bezerker stuns a Wight, its looking good, we will get the ball soon….unless…… some unscrupulous Necromancer drops a fireball on us and the bezerker is down… Eilivaror goes to complain and is flattened by a mummy, it looks bad as he carried from the pitch, could his playing days be over?? With thier Capt gone and Fluffy out of action the Norse crumble allowing the undead to score in the final moments of a brutal match.

No one died, but what of Eilivaror?? the Capt.? its not good news Jim……….

….To be continued…..

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