A Helping Hand

It was the Souls most important game in years. An MML Pro semi-final with the legendary Hopeless Necromantics and they were in trouble!

The Bowel of London was packed to the rafters with screaming fans, mostly rats and goblins with more limbs than they should have been entitled too but sprinkled among them a few bumbling, stumbling creatures that were once alive.

The pre game sacrifice to Nuffle at his Altar found at the base of the North stand attracted star players Glart Smashrip and Bomber Dribblesnot offering a reduced match fee, meaning coach Shakeydog had a little petty cash left with which he found a willing young female to join the medical team to assist the apothecary.

Lana was not your typical Bloodweiser Babe, a strange tone to her skin and a wild look in her eyes but alluring nonetheless.

So, it was approaching half time and it’s fair to say the Souls were black and blue. Only St Pancras remained on the pitch when a monstrous wolf ran in the touchdown for the Necromantics.

Lana had been rushing from player to player as the beds in the medical tent filled up with hardly any success only managing to revive a couple of players to push onto the field for the next short drive.  As the players set up she slumped into the corner, sweat pouring from her body and her skin now a dark pink, “it’s too much for me I can’t handle them all”. The coach turned away in disappointment, convinced his investment in Lana was going o be a waste.

He watched on at the Souls valiant but ultimately failed attempt to get level before the halftime whistle, Aldgate crumbling in a heap after St Pancras had launched him towards the Necro line.

He gave out his half time instructions to the remaining players, as he was doing so additional bodies begun returning to the locker room. Temple, Kensington, Aldgate and all the other players who had been unconscious moments earlier.

Shakey, filled with renewed hope, dashed to the now virtually empty medical tent to find Lana, looking much more composed, but no less pink.  “Lana, how….?” Lana’s voice and increased in pitch to an eerie level, “I had some help, this is Gem”, from behind her stepped another ‘Lana’.

“You have a twin, how wonderful, you might just have saved us”.

“She is more than my twin, but shouldn’t you be watching the game?”

Shakey rushed back to the dugout to see the Souls ride their luck and pull off a big upset to make the final. When he returned to the medical tent Lana was alone. “What happened to Gem” asked Shakey.  “She is still here” replied Lana “but she only comes out when I need her”……..

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