A meal between friends

“How do you feel the last season went,” asked Gorm and he picked at his plate bonemeal.  Raff looked up from his plate and mumbled something uncomprehensive with a turkey leg in his mouth. “You know that turkey is going no where, you can stop eating for a second.”

Raff pulled the bone from his mouth and start swinging it around as he replied, “but its so damn good! I don’t know what you do but your cooking skills are amazing!” Bits of meat and slobber flying everywhere as Raff exciting wave the leg around to emphasize his excitement.  “I’m so used to hunting for my food and I never cook it.  I just eat it raw.  This. Has. Changed. My. Life!”

“That great that you enjoy my cooking but seriously how do you feel the season went?” Gorm prodded Raff again as he wiped away to slime covered meat from his cheek.

“I believe it went great! I miss Bad Boy, he was the best ball carrier we’ve ever had!” Replied Raff with a touch of sorrow mixed into his excitement.  “The team is really coming into its own under your leadership.  While I was leading this team we were lucky to place outside of last place.  You have really turned this team around.”

“And yet we keep falling short.”

“You are being too hard on yourself.  Look I understand how hard it is to run this team.  Our mortality rate is through the roof!  And everyone is undead besides Dapper John and myself! My brother and I started this team and he was our first death.  We have lost every original member on this cursed team.  I’m the last one.” Raff said with sadness in his gruff voice.  “Stepping down from captain was the smartest move I have ever made.  You have molded this team into something competitive.”

“I appreciate your praise but really, am I doing enough?” Gorm replied, pushing his plate to the side and taking a pull of his ale.  “I guess I’m just filling a little down is all.  I really thought we were going to the playoffs this season and I choked on a few games.”

“There it is, You are trying to put everything on your shoulders again,” Raff interrupted as he stood up to walk around the table to where Gorm is setting.  Even setting Gorm still was taller than Raff but atleast a heads worth.  “This is Blood Bowl, we play this game because we love it.  So what if we make mistakes or Nuffle decides to frequently turn his back on us. Newsflash Gorm everybody makes mistakes! Nuffle turns his back on everyone!  But we keep going forward.”

“I know you’re right but I have a bad feeling,” Gorm said while starting into his mug of ale.

“About what?”

“I believe there may be a chance that the coach may finally make good on his word of letting us go to find new prospects.”

“He’s been saying that now for over six seasons, he’s just blowing smoke.”

“I guess we’ll just have to see,” Gorm took a large pull from his ale and continued saying, “call the others in.  I’ll bring out the rest I made and we will have a pre-season celebration like never before!”

“You got it captain!  What about coach?” Asked Raff as he headed to the teams quarters.

“You bet! Lets remind him why he continues to be our coach!”


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