A new Apocalypse

InGen tower had gotten only more foreboding in appearance with time. Gwen had learnt of its location from Knives the assistant coach. As Site B was closed for renovations she was taking this opportunity to go on a fact finding mission. She needed to know more about coach Wyatt and International Genetics. Ever since they levelled her homestead in the Rain Forests of Ghent it had become her goal in life to get revenge, and she needed more information.

The tower seemed to cast a shadow in all directions as she approached it and looked up at its near endless height. The lobby was simple and functional much like it would have appeared hundreds of years prior when the Humans first built it. Marble floors reflected the light of lamps hanging on long cords from the high sloped glass ceilings of the foyer extending outwards from the side of the tower near ground level. The very existence of the lamps was a curiosity since the glass should have allowed ample light in from outside if not for the towers inexplicable darkening effect. It was busy with Lizards coming and going, and a few forlorn looking human servants. Gwen even saw a Wood Elf, another inhabitant of the Rainforests she herself once called home. The captured forest dwellers were being forced to work on the new stadium, using their expertise to create the perfect playing surface ‘Elf Turf’. She approached one of the elevator shafts but was stopped by InGen security. “What’s your business here?”, barked a frighteningly deformed Pachycephalosaur. “I am here to meet coach Wyatt, I play with the Apocalypse team”, Gwen replied attempting to sound confident. “Pass card?”, it responded. Gwen’s heart sunk, she shrugged and tried to simply walk past. The Pachycephalosaur lowered its head, locking its neck as it head butted her hard and sent her flying away onto her back. “No card no entry!”, it yelled. Gwen rose to her feet, disappointed she headed back towards the entrance looking for another way around.

As she did she saw something quite remarkable. A Human entered the building and drew everyone’s eye. His stride was confident and he was marked by two Saurus, one of which she recognised as her old acquaintance Snake. The other was the formidable MMLPRO superstar Boromir. Between them the man marched towards the elevators, a green cloak flowing behind him. But her eyes were drawn inexorably towards what hung about the humans neck, delicately resting on a golden chain was a ring. One so beautiful she could not take her eyes off it. As he passed he seemed to recognise her and she immediately remembered who he was. It was coach Lazertrip, whom she had met before. and as she unconsciously followed him towards the elevators she began to realise why he was known as the Lord of the Skinks. He waved a hand towards the Pachycephalosaur and Boromir grasped its neck in his clawed hand before throwing it to a skidding stop several meters away. They entered the elevator and the doors closed behind them, as Snake punched in the number for the top floor the Lord of the Skinks looked down at the small skink. “I know why your here”, he said. Gwen looked accusingly at Snake as Lazertrip continued. “You won’t kill coach Wyatt. Not yet. I forbid it”. Gwen opened her mouth to object but was mysteriously unable. Feeling as if a powerful weight was resting on her mind she suddenly felt very sleepy and simply replied, “As you wish”.
The journey to the top floor was quiet for a while until alarm bells rang out declaring a security breach.
All four inhabitants of the elevator remained still and calm as they reached the top and the doors slid open…
The stone table occupying the massive room was busy indeed. In the light of thousands of burning candles sat two Khemri tomb guardians who stood defensively as they entered. Deinonychus one of the clade masters, was at the head of the table. A Goblin with a bandage on its head was also present at the table, and the InGen representative Hugh Mann who was the only one who exhibited fear as the four entered the room. The two Saurus followed Lazertrip as he proceeded forwards to stand before them all, but Gwen nervously hung back by the elevator. Deinonychus stood, “Welcome coach Lazertrip. We’ve been expecting you….”
As Lazertrip opened his mouth to speak he stopped, distracted by a curious squeaking sound.
The candle man entered from another room pushing what looked like a rudimentary food trolley the wheels of which squeaked with each revolution. Atop the trolley was a large glass jar filled with green liquid and a small old looking computer. Inside the jar and connected to the computer by a series of small wires floated a Human brain. As the candle man parked the trolley in front of the confused coach words appeared on the computer screen…
“It’s good to finally meet you coach Lazertrip, I am what’s left of coach Wyatt. It’s good to finally meet you in… person”.

To Be Continued.

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