Each day would be the same we would mope around in complete silence waiting for the phone to spring into action. But the wait was always long it could go on for hours upon hours we all passed our time away differently as we waited, Proudstarr was always messing with his gadgets and the next big invention. Mercy was a budding novelist always writing about our adventures one day hoping to strike it rich with a mega book deal and then there was Berzo the ladies man too many women not enough time, and then there was me Bernie Buffon who was trying to run the Plague Ridden Cowboys keep the Michaels wolf pack happy and  trying to figure out why we was the chosen ones, but then my thoughts where rudely interrupted when wham The phone went I rushed to answer it and the potential client would say the same old stuff “is that the four M’s” followed by what a stupid name that is for a franchise or what does the four M’s stand for and when we tell them its a secret and we cannot say it only makes them want to know more. By then we got them hook line and sinker and already got them talking on how we can help them reclaim what they have lost in the world of Blood Bowl.

I answered the phone and a hissing sound came down the phone like a snake sound or may even be the fork tongue of a lizard I wasn’t sure and then it was dead. Berzo who was carrying a cheerleader in one of his big bicep arms dropped her onto the floor we got work Bernie? The cheerleader looked up in disgust at Berzo who just smiled winked at her flexed his guns  and said don’t look at me like that I got to go to work honey and blew her a kiss, she melted like a silly little school girl and all was well in the world of Berzo again. Nah Berzo it was a prank call again, It sounded like a lot of static so you can go back to your activities while the rest of us get on with the more important stuff.

Erm Bernie what’s that thing glowing in the cupboard? I looked at Berzo who was pointing behind me to a cupboard we just put junk in but could see light emanating from behind the door, Mercy opened the door and right there in the middle of the room on a pile of junk was a crystal ball. A seers eye was in the ball and then if it wasn’t freaky enough it spoke, the Four M’s I am in need of your assistance we have been made aware of the location of the Seers Ring what has been lost for a very long time it is rumoured to show foresight to the one true air of the ring and give them the power to even beat the White Owlz. I need you guys to go and reclaim it for me if you do this you will be very well rewarded and who knows when you might need the help of the Slaan Seers.

Bernie looked at Proudstarr who was very excited to see a fully operational seers crystal actually working and actually talking to them. The stories of the Seers where  legendary entwined in there long rich history. Berzo yet again dropped another cheerleader from his big bicep arms and said when do we start! The crystal Ball spoke again heed this the 4 M’s I have seen your destiny and you are destined for great things but be careful this will be a dangerous task but if you succeed It will open many doors. Mercy looked at Berzo, Bernie and Proudstarr, okay guys we got work to do 4M’s transform  and roll out we got a Ring to find!

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