A new beginning

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Season 10 was minutes away from starting for the misfits. Beerz stepped in to the locker room. His eyes scanned the room. Ullow and henny were over sharing there claws. Sloukey and jofro were going over replays of skinks dying on a crystal ball. Beerz turned to Stareclap and Trish but there was something missing. A big figure was not next to them. Rémy was sitting there also but there was an empty stall. Hanging in the stall was a picture of Prikterg. Some of his gear had made the trip and was laying in the empty stall.
Beerz took a big breath and spoke. Alright boys the season is here and what better way to start the season then against are new found rivals those nasty necromantics. Let’s get out there and hit hard protect each other. Frizner you and Ketel will control the ball. Now let’s go out there and do what we haven’t been able to do in the last two games. Let’s win this and win it for PRIKTERG!!!
The boys let out a roar and headed to the field. The boys were ready and it showed they started before the necro were ready and went right to work. Half time came and the misfits were up 1-0. The boys headed to the room. Beerz decided to stay back at the field. He sat at a bench looking out at the pitch. The boys returned and the second half started were the first had ended. The misfits were hitting hard and doing things Beerz had not seen before. Frizner marched the ball in to go up 2-0.  The whistle went and the misfits won. In the locker room there was cheers and hollering everyone was happy one by one each of them walked by the empty stall and said something to Prikterg.  Beerz looked them over with a smile on his face. Great job boys. That’s the way to play out there. No one held back no one stumbled no one stopped. We did what we needed to do to get the win we needed. The season is off to a great start. Let’s enjoy this and get ready for the next one. We’ll head home tomorrow and then get ready for those dirty Norse. This is are season to show the old world and the mml that the chaos nation is still strong and the misfits are out to show it. This is the season we play hard and play well we play for are lost brother we play for PRIKTERG!!!

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