A New Flame Rises

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The skaven under empire spanned most of the known world. The Under-Empire stretches from one end of the Old World to the next. They have few major cities, though they often arise when they are planning a new assault on the world, corresponding with the name of the city or region they were planning to attack. A new city had recently been constructed under the Grey Mountains. Their target was a town called Ubersreik, which while not as large and grand as others within the human Empire, was in a strategically important location. The Council of Thirteen had unified in this common purpose (#oneclan) and given the command for the invasion.

The teeming ratmen that were gathered in the underground city had been unleashed. They tore through the underground tunnels, units of clanrats, gutter runners, storm vermin, rat ogres and more charged to the breach point that had been made within the mountains, close to the city. Rat swarms uncounted scurried along side their larger counterparts, but were often trampled underfoot. The vibrations within the tunnels from the massive footfalls were significant and unlike dwarven construction, the tunnels were not as secure. As the last few regiments were pouring through the opening an earthquake struck trapping several regiments. The lucky ones got trapped. Many died under massive piles of earth. In one enclosed cavern 27 rats and a rat ogre were trapped. The cavern was pitch black and choked with dust, but they were used to conditions like this.

Spine-Cracker, the rat ogre, was the 1st to get to its feet and tried to tunnel its way out. In time the other rats, all started to help. For several days the rats took turns, and gradually they managed to link back to a main tunnel. However, by the time they escaped they were down to 13 rats and the Rat Ogre. The others had been the sustenance needed to survive. Their weapons were cast aside as they had been used as tools for their escape. They were blunt and no longer useful for killing the pink skins.

The rats, though weary, continued on down the tunnel and eventually saw some light breaking up the darkness and dazzling their eyes. This was the opening they had been looking for, that would lead them to join the hordes in the assault on Ubersreik. They built up some speed as they got closer to the light peaking into the tunnel and charged out into the daylight. Or so they thought. The source of the light had been magically suspended lights.  In one corner of the chamber was a goblin prying open a chest. The chest clicked open, which was followed by a massive explosion that shook the chamber they were in and threw the goblin across the room and smacked into the opposite wall. It was not getting back up.

Slightly taken aback by this unexpected turn of events, they spotted another way out of the chamber they were in and proceeded down it. Again, some light could be seen at the end of this tunnel. More cautious after their experience in walking in to see a goblin being blown up, they creeped along and came across another room. In this room was a strange device, located against a wall. It was as tall as the room and had a strange floor that was shimmering and flickering. As they started to move closer to it, something materialised out of it with a large pop. A goblin fanatic!

With drool flying everywhere and crazed eyes it came straight at the skaven. Far too fast for them all to avoid. Spine-Cracker was caught square on the head by the spiked ball. Skull and blood spattered across the room and was the last sight the remaining 13 skaven had of Spine-Cracker The fanatic changed direction again and started coming in their direction. To escape the fanatic they knew they had but one chance, to jump onto the pad that had brought the whirling fanatic into the room. They all leapt not knowing what would happen. Before touching the pad floor, they magically appeared in a much larger chamber, and were deafened by the roaring of hundreds of voices all around them. Their initial look had seen an assortment of humans, dwarves, orcs and all manner of races all around them in stands up above and all around them. In front of them, heading straight in their direction, were 6 armoured dwarves. Reacting without thought, they sprang at the dwarves, one of their fiercest enemies. With twice the number, the skaven over powered the dwarves by clawing and biting at exposed throats. All 6 lay dead and bloodied on the dungeon floor.

The crowd were stunned into silence, except 1 corner which exploded with noise caused by the chattering of hundreds of goblins grouped together. They were cheering and stamping, the noise echoing in the dungeon. A large siren pierced the noise, which was followed by a booming voice yelling “The winners of this year’s Dungeonbowl, due to the death of all players of the Karag Dron Miners team, are the Skarsnik Sneakers!” From behind the skaven they heard a few chittering voices. Turning around 4 small goblins looked stunned and delighted. 1 was bouncing around on a pogo stick!

Again, instinct bred from years and years of bitter fighting kicked in and the skaven pounced and tore apart the 4 goblins in quick order. The screams of outrage from the goblin section was quickly drowned out by the cheering and keg thumping of a dwarf section, who were clearly drunk and laughing at the death of the goblins.

From one side of the dungeon a large group of mountain trolls came and surrounded the skaven, with 1 gesturing for them to move towards the opening they had came from. The lead troll began moving, the rest boxed in the rats and began walking in the same direction. Rather than take on the trolls, having been tired from 2 quick skirmishes with some dwarves and goblins, the skaven were lead to an antechamber large enough for the trolls to enter. In front of a fire at one end stood a goblin of larger stature, along with a night goblin popping mushrooms into its mouth and standing with a staff in hand.

Right you mingy rats, you done killed my team includin’  a playa-coach, just as we won our 1st ever Dungeonbowl! The great warlord Skarsnik, sponsa’s us and won’t be ‘appy now is team is dead.”

One of the storm vermin spoke up “Where are we? We should be leading the kill, kill of the tasty pink skins on the other side of the mountain. Lead us there or we twist-break your scrawny neck!!”. The night goblin shaman gibbered and gestured to the side of the room. A spear that was hanging on the wall sped across the room piercing the storm vermin’s leg to the floor! The skaven was screaming in pain and started to try and pry the spear out with its teeth.

You rats, lisen good. I am called Da-Runt and you lot are now under my control. The filthy humies have already beat back your army and sent what was left back to your oles or burned them alive from what I ‘eard. Lucki for you, we won the bowl, with a little bit of ‘elp from you lot.  My team were due to play above ground next as part of the regular blood bowl season. Since you done killed ‘alf the lads, you lot can take da place. Or else you can be a snack to my boys ere?”, nodding to the trolls around the room. “Since you lot ain’t arguin’, I’m gonna take that as agreement. You did well in da dungeon, so maybe you can be a surprise to the pool we were assigned to. You just ‘ave to use one of these.” Da-Runt picked up a hardened and inflated pig skin and tossed it towards the skaven. A gutter runner leapt up and grabbed it while it was 15 feet above the ground.

You got some talent rat. This cud work. We jus need to find you a coach.”

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