A Sea Worthy Adventure

The waves crashed and the wind blew, the poor boat that was was nothing more then a holy raft.   With a final crash the raft hit the shore.  Water splashed up into the brow of soaked sole.

Hello….wake good sir for land you have reached!!

A hand reached out with a gentle nudge.  Eyes opened slowly as if they’d never seen light before.

Where am I?

Your on the bay of Nomads.  A great sea port for trading and maybe one day blood bowl.  Rise and gather your legs.

The drifter looked up and grabbed the out reached hand of the stranger and slowly gathered his balance.  He stood up and looked to the east.  Ships and docks as far as the eye could see.  To the north a mighty ship yard and massive long buildings stretched out along the soar.

Thank you good sir.  The drifter said as he looked up at the massive figure to his right. 

A high elf by the sea??

I am a Sea Elf of Ulthuan.

You look like a high elf, just more blue and little not so…..high and mighty!

Once we were, living around the coasts of the elven kingdoms have turned us.  The desire for the tradition of seamanship and fighting and lack the normal Elven labour has driven us to the seas.   Because of this are High Elves kin look down upon us, thinking us to rough and uncanny for their ways.  Trade and treasure and the taste of the sea is all we desire.  We’re strong warriors and the taste for battle is in are blood.  So young drifter what has brought you to these shores?

The drifter looked around again. Still unsure of this so called “sea elf”.  We’ll I’ve left my home and what made me me.  I lost control of my ship in the storm few days past.  I’m not sure what I’m doing here.  I need something new and something that changes how I once was.

The sea elf smiled.  Well good sir you look fine after a battle with the sea.  Why don’t you come with me and maybe we’ll see what kind of fun we can have.

The drifter smiled and thought “well this could be interesting and honestly what is a sea elf”

They ended up out side a giant arena. 

What’s this place the drifter asked?   

This is hopefully soon the home of are blood bowl team.  Ideally we wanted to it to be on a ship at sea but this is outside the rules.  We’ve heard and seen so many games played from are high elf kin of old we decided it was time for the mighty elves of the sea to get in on this glory.   We have everything but a coach that knows the in and outs of the pitch.

Sea elves playing blood bowl you say……..

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