A Shock Return to the MML

The Shock’n’Ore (known as the Shockers to their fans), a blood bowl team from the dwarven kingdom of Merthyr are set to make an unlikely return to the Mead and Mayhem League after being liquidated at the end of season IV.

An original member of the MML and Coaches Council, the Shockers entered the King of Merthyr’s Book of Grudges (BoG) part way through season IV owing substantial amounts to His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

The king refused to allow the Shockers to exit the BoG without coughing up their dues in full and unable to pay The Shock’n’Ore entered liquidation at the end of that season, never to be seen again…

..or so we thought.

In the time since MML season IV, HMRC had forced the owners of the Shockers (Shock’n’Ore Blood Bowl Club Ltd), to sell the business and assets of the club to a shady consortium of wealthy businessdwarves called Sevco W.E.M. (which then changed its name to The Shock’n’Ore Blood Bowl Club Ltd). The new owners then had to reapply for membership of the Mead and Mayhem League which was initially refused (prior to season VIII), however conditional membership was granted for season IX if the Shockers could assemble a qualifying player roster.

Interestingly, to assemble a roster the “new” club attained the permission of the Administrators of the Book of Grudges to use players that had belonged to the “old” club, there still being two quite different legal entities claiming to be Shock’n’Ore. On what precise legal basis the two Shockers blood bowl clubs were deemed to be the same entity in order to use the same playing roster is something of a mystery, since if it truly were it would then also be liable for the uncleared debts that caused that club to suffer the insolvency event.

To date, no one is quite sure who is the Chairman of ‘The Shock’n’Ore Blood Bowl Club Ltd’. When asked to comment Mr Shaky Tumbleweed said “I am the chairman only of ‘Shock’n’Ore Blood Bowl Club Ltd’ a quite different entity. Honest gov!”.

Rumours of financial impropriety abound, however the Shockers will seek to distract us from all of that boring nonsense with their trademark brand of drunken on-field violence.

[story via Cabalvision Commerce Network]

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