A Sticky Situation!

With pre-season just completed and the season opener several weeks away, it is perhaps surprising that the Kintsuga Broken Things have already managed to have gotten themselves in, what can only be described as a bit of a pickle!

So what has gone wrong? Perhaps the best way to tell you is to share this document which was leaked to us, at The Lustrian Leader this morning.

” Dear Mr Whiptail,

I am writing to you with relation to our recent agreement to provide sponsorship to your newly formed MML side, The Kintsuga Broken Things.

We at Godzilla Adhesive Production and Sales, as you know hold quite a standing in the world of business. In addition to being the producers of one of the most used and admired range of adhesives in the whole of Lustria, we have also been proud of our tradition of providing aid to those less fortunate than ourselves in our community.

As such, when you approached us, with your business plan for The Broken Things, seeking our financial assistance in getting the venture up and running we were only too happy to help.

The combination of giving injured and niggled lizards a second chance on the sporting field, whilst also promoting our range of products to those outside of Lustria, through the medium of Blood Bowl, was one we would all gain from, and the contracts were signed.

Without delay our marketing team were set to work designing advertising hoardings for pitch side, a range of merchandise and a flyer and bill board campaign to spread the word of both of our products, our adhesives and your sporting organisation, throughout the Blood Bowl world.

Indeed we were delighted, when on Monday past, we were able to contact your assistant coach to inform him that we had developed a special MML only, limited edition gold stained glue for sale at home games during your inaugural season to highlight and solidify the ethos upon which your franchise is based.

This was designed as a not for profit gesture of good will, with the only requirement on your side, being the provision of a star, a face for the product, a BROKEN THING you might say.

Imagine our shock, when your admin team forwarded us your proposed starting roster, so that we might make a decision regarding the best option for the role.

The BEST option ?!?! AN OPTION would have been nice!

In all seriousness, exactly how do you can successively market yourselves as The Broken Things with that roster …. not even an niggle!!

As a consequence of this ineptitude, I am afraid to tell you there must be, and indeed will be consequences.

Godzilla Adhesive Production and Sales can not and will not, be associated with this “joke” of a situation.

As such our hand has been forced and as we have regretfully decided to inform you of our decision to activate Clause 12.3b, as laid out in our legally binding contract signed at the time of our agreement.

To remind you, this states that whilst in the short term we are locked into this unfortunate agreement ,if at any point following the completion of week 4 of the forthcoming CL season, we were to become unhappy with any aspect of it, that we (GAPS) would be entitled to withdraw from the remainder of the duration of the contract forthwith, with financial reimbursement for any losses suffered as a consequence of said agreement, should the cause of said upset be deemed to originate from the side of the Broken Things.

I think you would have to agree that the dream sold to us, a team of once broken individuals, rebuilt, “repaired” if you like, and brought together as a team of heroes young lizards could look up too, has not quite been lived up too at this stage.

For your information the aforementioned financial losses at this stage would amount to a sum total of 50K gold pieces. As we have halted all plans and production of Broken Things related products, this is unlikely to grow further at this stage.

In short you can read this as an Ultimatum. Get this issue sorted by the conclusion of week 4 or bear the consequences.

If this problem is corrected (minimum of 1 stat down or niggle would suffice – our belief in you is now obviously limited) we will be happy to proceed with the arrangement as stands.

If not consider our relationship ENDED.

If this is the outcome the gold must be repaid. And you would have 3w to do so, so spend wisely!

Yours Sincerely,
Gosford Woodsworth CEO GAPS ”

The Lustrian Leader has made efforts to contact Mr Sneed Halftail for reply but has yet to receive a response.

So there it is readers, the first bump in the road … but will the wheels come off having struck it. Only time will tell. Well time and the Herald.

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