A Sucker Punch years in the making…..




“So, no history outside a couple of training games in the lower leagues….?”

“That’s correct”

“Very little in the earned skills department”

“ …also correct”

“And you’d like me to back your application to join the big league?”

“Again 100% correct”

Lord Thunden of Foulville sat back in his chair and looked at the eager young man on the opposite side of his desk, the light from the windows throwing a long shadow across the space between them “explain to me why this is a worthwhile prospect…..Zak is it?”

“Well, you cannot lose, you’ve seen the crowds whenever amazon of dark elf teams play ? Stadiums packed to the rafters, mech flying off the shelves, Cabalvision crews broadcasting (now with soundtracks guaranteed) It wouldn’t surprise me if they wanted to do a Nurgle-plague fly on the wall documentary…. And you with the exclusive rights..”

“yes, however these are not Witch elves or exotic amazons we are talking about, just run of the mill Humans”

“Humans? Yes, but run of the mill? Seriously? Have even seen the promo film, scantily clad vixens with automatic weapons and swords taking on Steam powered clockwork zombies, Orcs and dragons and killer robots… whilst dancing, I mean come on it’s a work for the finest vision and artistic effects that steal your breath away, and lets not forget the giant warriors from Cathay at the beginning, it’s a presentation for all ages sir, a masterpiece of Cabalvison broadcasting.

Sir Thunden pondered the moment, he had viewed the promo (several times, for artistic purposes of course) and could see the draw the team probably have, with his backing and a few deft deals there could be great days ahead, but he still had reservations about the vanilla humans.

Zak carried on explaining the artistic process behind the team creation and the plan for moving forward, the spin offs, the playoffs the playoffs lots and lots of offs really.

“Ok, I’m in, but there will need to be drama, tears and triumph, fair play up front and foul play round the back…. If you know what I mean” Sir Thunden’s smile said it all

The league was due to start, lots of experienced teams with exceptional managers, but Zak was sure they could make it competitive, if not this season then next, they were there for the long run, that difficult second season, he’d also heard some chancer named Beerz or some such had applied so figured the bar was pretty low in any case

“so to clarify, I expect drama every game, maybe a death or two on pitch, not the box office of course and in return Ill bankroll the team for all the exclusive rights to broadcasts and merchandise whilst you manage the day to day running and preparation for games, in short you do the work, I take the risk and the glory” Sir Thunden summarised leaning forward, he couldn’t lose, he had other interests in the league so if this didn’t pan out…..

“Agreed, for 10% of the gate takings and 2% of the merchandising and broadcast right” Zak replied

“10% of the gate and 1% of everything else is standard, if your in agreement ill have the contract sent in straight away….unless you need time to think on it?”

Zak agreed as Sir Thunden had always known he would, so as he turned to leave Zak turned and thanked Sir Thunden for his time and again assured him he would not be disappointed

“Oh, of that Mr Snyder I’m sure, give your address to my secretary on the way out and ill have the documents sent over this afternoon, in fact I’ll use my trusted secure Courier, that way Ill be sure they will make the journey safely, it would take a brave man to rob Preachmelda” Sir Thunden smiled

Zak Smiled, to have such a prestigious name associated with the team would work wonders for their profile, and of course accidents happen all the time on the pitch, a well placed boot here and there would work wonders for his reputation if not that Snooty Lords!!

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