A suprise for the Thugz!!

Hairy Warthog amassed his team on the training ground at the Black Stronghold following their worst season yet in the MML. HW – “Right lads, I’m sure you’ve all see the news about the changes in the MML, another poor season like that and we’ll be moving to the Challenge League, there’s alot of good coaches out there and they’re all fighting for a place in the pros”. His players remained silent and listened intently to their unstable coach who was prone to bouts of madness.

HW – “Being in the Challenge League might do you guys some good, you won’t have those steroid ridden freaks in the Leaping Lizards to face for a start, or those vile disease bearing skaven coached by Ntb_99 and don’t even get me started on those stinking elves”!!! A gate creaked behind the team and a hulking figure made his way to the awaiting squad.

HW – “Ahh right on time, fellas, I want to introduce you to your new teammate and now the team captain, this is McMasters a fine specimen recruited from our old friends the Power 1/2 Hour”. The Thugz cheered and welcomed their new arrival who had made way to his coaches side and turned to face his new team. McMasters raised his hand to bid his new teammates to calm down as he wanted to speak. All the team began chanting, “McMasters! McMasters! McMasters! McMasters! McMaaaaaaa……..” something had stopped their shouting in mid sentence. Baseball Fury fainted crushing Pay Mane in the process. Both of Sloukly Mantle’s jaws dropped open in shock. Craly Mantle began to cry hysterically. What could have brought the team into such disarray? Whilst they were chanting his name, McMasters had removed his helmet so the team could see his face. It wasn’t what they expected. You see McMasters isn’t your average chaos warrior. Oh no. McMasters is in fact the infamous drag queen Bertha Pump’n’Squirt !!! He stood there before his shocked team and even more shocked coach, his long blonde hair cascading down his back, his fiery red lips all puckered up, eye lashes you could hang a war dancer from and bright blue eye shadow contrasting with his dark eyes.

McM ” hey boys!! Don’t all run to hug me at once! I can see you’re all impressed and you cutie, yes you Mr Ugu’y, you need to trim those claws lover boy before I get on that line of scrimmage with you”!

Trying to salvage his sanity Hairy Warthog took some of his pills to control his wild outbursts!! ”  right men, Errrr women, Ummm right team! Enough excitement for one night, go hit the bar, drink mead, cause mayhem, get to know you’re new teammate!! I’ve got to contact Goblin Gambling about the Leaping Lizards alleged steroid use, but first I want to have a few words with More_Shots about this player he’s sold me”!!!!!!!!


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