A tale as old as time….

Coach Girth looked out of his window, over the terraces of the Main stage and onto the pitch, where his rag tag team of decaying wannabes and betrayed stars practiced there new craft.

How they came to be here, in this place, was a tale of betrayal and murder and a strength of passion to succeed that not even death could  halt.

Girth thought back to when he first heard of  the troupe of travelling performers who’s motto ‘it will be alright on the night’, a motto that unfortunately did hold true on that night, and ability earned them fame across the many lands of men and monsters.

The start of there fall was known by few, though many remembered the rumours of debts not paid and dignitaries insulted by there wit, aand one fateful night changed there fates from stars of the stage to new challengers in the game of blood bowl.

Returned from the dead  and now know under the moniker ‘All Wight on the night’ there start had been far from smooth, losing 3 of leading lights as they came accustomed to there new ‘stage’, but assisted by there necromancer assistant Faginmanus,  they soon added to there ranks with new recruits (somewhat unwillingly and a little of the Orcy persuasion) and finally the group was ready to join the big leagues and continue there return to the limelight.

What they intended once there and why they came back from the dead to take up the great game was still to be told as well as coach Girth’s involvement,and it all started on that night in a tavern, at midnight and a overheard snippet of conversation ….

Fame is fleeting….but what would you do for eternal fame……

To be continued….

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