A time to reflect…a time to Build Back Better

Jumbuk the handsome sat in his room. ‘Well that all went to plan!’ He chuckled. ‘My main rival for thrower sadly deceased. The one blitzer I was scared of seriously weakened. The team will be looking to me once again to take them back to the pros!’ He started laughing maniacally. Sacrificial Steve Jnr shuffled awkwardly. ‘Um I was told my role  was just to stand in the line and get hit. What am I doing here?’.
‘don’t worry I just needed someone who wouldn’t be around long to hear my monologue’. Jumbuk started chuckling happily again. Sacrificial Steve Jnr looked relieved and joined in. This happy scene was interrupted by Hap ‘Hapless’ Less. ‘Um Jumbuk sorry to bother you but a bloke just delivered a box of these. Do we have to wear these now?’ He handed over a red cap with ‘Make Undertopia Great Again’ on it…

Jumbuk grabbed the cap and stood up. ’well we’ll sort that out again. I need to speak to Chirut about a new role for me. It’s time for us to BUILD BACK BETTER!!!!’ Any idea where he is?’

Chirut lifted his glass. ‘Time for some real talk, Nognech. We need you to be focussed for this next season’ He paused to take in the scene in front of him. Nognech was signing a stack of hand drawn parchments of himself stood triumphantly on a fallen treeman. Although he was in a dark cavern he had taken to wearing sun glasses and he seemed to have obtained a rhinestone jacket from somewhere. ‘I only answer to Treekiller nowadays’ he snarled at Chirut…‘don’t worry about me. I’ve got plans for next season. I hear we ve got vamps…ogres, the smelly things. I don’t want to be known as just Treekiller all my life…we’ll be building back better all right…but all building needs good foundations.’





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