A Typical Training Day For Blitzkriegers

As Blitzkriegers decided to become media friendly, they opened up their training center doors to journalists. Here is what they reported.

07h59: Coach Stuntie arrives to the center. He checks everything, turns on lights, and go to see Banlaen in the cave. He turns off his “If you sign to another club you’re immediately dead” spell on him, shakes the dust on the player’s shoulders and go back upstairs.

08h02: Coach Stuntie, as every morning, throws a gob on the stadium’s wall. The gob remains glued to the wall “this i gonna be a good training day today”, thinks the coach.

08h04: Talmael arrives to the center, opens the door with an unusal strenght for a dark elf, then puts the broken door with dozens of other ones. “I really should ask about that ork mailman to my mother”, decides him.

08h10: Training starts. A lineman goes to a ball, but before he arrives to it Lidhil grabs it and throw it beyond the walls. From the other side, a voice says “264 yards perfect pass, new Bugmann Book Record!”

08h26: Gaesmal arrives to the center, he’s late. It’s not his fault: he broke his wrist shaking a colleague’s hand and had to pass by the hospital.

09h57: During a pass exercise, the halfling mailman comes to deliver a tonne of fans’ letters to coach Stuntie. As he’s turns back, he stops a second, runs, intercepts a pass and leaves, laughing as a Devil.

10h26: A coach assistant struggles to open a balls bag. Talmael, always willing to help, comes to him and takes it frankly. It explodes, and several balls with it. “What was that Troll Uncle name’s again?” Tries to remind the player.

12h00: Lunch Time. Gaesmal asks for the salt. Before he even ends his sentence, Lidhil grabs it and throws it perfectly, among 25 persons. Gaesmal receives it but before he can thanks, he realizes he broke two fingers in the action.

12h25: A lineman goes to the dessert table, takes an empty plate, but before he can help himself , the cook takes back the dish and gives it to someone else. “Funny how I’ve benne intercepted once more”, notices the player.

14h00: Going back to training. Every Forward make a very good time to the “20 yards”, except Banlaen because of his shackles. “I don’t care if you can’t train, I like that rather than risking you to sign somewhere else”, replies Coach Stuntie.

15h32: two linemen pause to have a drink. As the first pass the bottle to the other one, a strange old dwarf in wheel chair arrives, grabs the bottle and leaves very fast, laughing loud. “Business as usual”, say the linemen.

16h30: end of training. Players go to a small group of fans, to sign autographs. Everyone enjoys this communion moment between stars and fans, except Gaesmal who got wounded with his pen.

17h00: Coach Stuntie checks everything, turns off lights, and go down to the cave to turn on Banlaen’s spell.

Another great training day for Blitzkriegers.