A Welcome Return

Full Moon Temple – 2 weeks ago.

“MoonMoon stop clawing the ball to pieces” – shouted the Team Director during the Midnight Howlers training. He sighed, lit up another sigaret and sat back down on the coach bench. This bench never really felt comfortable for him, things hadn’t been the same since the Anniversary Tournament. The players craved another competitive match instead of these games they played with nothing on the line. They excelled in the worst conditions vs wood elves to then just be relegated to weeks and weeks of this… Training without purpose,  games without purpose. Could he really blame the players from trying to have fun and not giving their best? Not really, he didn’t gave his best either.

He looked at the 5th unsuccessful solo block of Luna Tic but didn’t care. It’s how things were going the last weeks: No spirit, no cohesion. Things were different back then. He could still remember the full stadium, the cheers when Luna Tic made a casualty, MoonMoon showboating the score, the trophy at the end of the game, … Man what he wouldn’t give to have these times back.

Suddenly a figure appeared at the dugout. Cloaked in shadows he couldn’t make out who it was but MoonMoon and Luna Tic were suddenly in a frenzy. He never had seen them like this. He looked around to the other players and the rest of the team just stood there, silent. Did he just see a smile on Frank’s face? Has that guy ever smiled? What’s going on here?

Onto the field stepped coach doneagle.

Full Moon Temple – today.

“MoonMoon good job, Stein screen Lunatic, NICE!” – shouted coach doneagle during the Midnight Howlers training for their game versus the InGen Apocalypse. A lizardmen team coach doneagle knew very well. He had had dealings with them the last few weeks for a transfer of Snake. “Snake…” uttered he, half in thoughts. He was thinking about the good times together and how Snake will welcome him with his new team. Not that well he feared. Well those are things he can’t change, so no use in worrying about them.

The squad really turned around in the last 2 weeks. Registration to the MML CL league really gave the team a new purpose. There were some replacements needed to be in top shape for the league, but even the new guys fit right in. He overlooked the field and knew this first game would be explosive, it’s what the players been waiting for. He sat down and couldn’t remember when he felt like this for the last time… “about time” he whispered.

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