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Stop right there ya dirty rats, this is your new coach. He ain’t dinna.” Da-Runt looked up at Coach Gerdleah and laughingly said “Though no sure what the boss will do to ya if you don’t get results.”  There was a definite hint of a threat behind that laughing.

Coach Gerdleah quickly stepped out of the way as 2 trolls lumbered between them and the skaven eyeing them with hatred and fury, the ground shaking with every foot fall of the monstrous trolls. It had become very clear to the coach that these were not here by choice and would look for any way to escape. Was he any different? Sure he was going to be well paid and was lucky to have been offered a chance to coach again so soon, but he had virtually no choice in the matter. However, he had debts to pay and this afforded him the chance to do that.

One of the Stormvermin came to the front trying to get to Da-Runt, “Release us! We need to go-kill manlings. This is the time of the Horned Rat. We go join the clans to claim the above land. We go join Vermintide!”  All the rats rose up on their rear paws and started aggressively chittering and squeaking, their whiskers quivering in anticipation. Da-Runt burst into laughter again, “I already told ya. The Verminthingy is over. The humies beat you rats back. Word is some sewer sweepers killed lots of ya boyz. Gettin’ killed by some humies who work the sewers! Those rats that lived, have gone bank to their ‘oles. As you kill’d ma team, so you lot take da place. If ya do well, I will convince the boss to let ya go. Better that than what he normally does to ya rat boys.”

The coach needed to make sure the team were well looked after. Skaven teams could be hard to stop and had the potential to beat anyone but they wore little armour and being smaller in size than most other races, took a lot of punishment. He looked at his players and knew the odds of them all making it to the end of season were virtually nil. With the season quickly approaching he knew he had to get the rats on his side and quickly, so he could begin training them.

He turned to face Da-Runt, “Enough. You wanted me to coach them and I will, but it will be done my way. First thing, no threatening the team. If any discipline needs to be taken, I will be the one to do it. Also, we need to improve the training facilities and get some new equipment. Skaven throwers have those mechanical launchers. Lets get a few. purchased. Also, we can talk about what I will need in the dressing room, the treatment room. I will write out a long list and we can get it all built properly at the stand during construction of the stadium.” Da-Runt was standing very still and looking at Coach Gerdleah with no hint as to his emotions after this public confrontation. The tension was palpable. Even the trolls looked interested as to what might happen next. One was already reaching out towards the coach as if to grab him.  “Knew ya would get on board once you saw what ya had to work with! We can talk about everything da team needs. Just need to get da boss to front up more gold. Raided some stunty hold last week and earned anotha grudge so should be good for it. Right I need to go message da boss. You get to work training these rats. They know how to fight so ya already got a ‘eadstart. Now need to teach ’em how to not get dead.” 

Da-Runt turned off and headed back the path they came. One of the trolls lifted him on to its shoulders as they stomped off. The ground beneath the coach’s feet continue to vibrate even after the first 10 steps.  He turned round and noticed that the rest of the trolls had resumed their guardian positions they had been in when coming down to the training pitch. Leaving him with a group of skaven angrily eyeing him. They looked on him with anger and hatred. “Lets get acquainted, shall we?”

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