After 3 Seasons MarSHEEP Faulk Retires

The Bill Cowher Power Hour joined the MML at the beginning of season 2.  We took the field for the first time ever.  The Gottleib Gladiators took the field against us on a rainy day.  This was a time before Knob Creek or Markers Mark.  Before we played in bowl games or even had a sponsor.  The team was fresh and the coach was too.  Many mistakes took place in the first half.  The Power Hour allowed the humans to march up the field and score.  The only bright point being a dead ogre.  To open the second have the ball was placed in the hands of WarRam Sapp.  The standard chaos cage was erected and the offence began.  A short turn opened up a chance for a TD and MarSHEEP Faulk sprinted to the end zone using to GFIs.  He then motioned to Sapp who trundled over and attempted a pass that failed.  The ball bounced on the pitch and strung into MarSHEEP’s hands.  That was the very first TD for the Power Hour.  A rain soaked beastman named MarSHEEP catching a slippery ball from a failed pass.  Somehow on the last play of the game the team managed to get a second TD.  It kind of is a microcosm of the Power Hours history.  Rarely do we do things in a pretty manner and most of the time when something good happens it’s by luck.  But, from that day till this one the Power Hour could alway trust in the hands of Faulk…all 3 of them.  With the end of Season 4 we will also see the end of MarSHEEP Faulks career. In 24 matches he racked up 3 passes, 4 catches, 6 TDs, 46 yards in passing and 572 yards in rushing.   We thank him for his services and wish him luck in his retirement.

Blood Bowl 2_20160824165212


  1. Honorable carreer! In a few years, when youngsters will tell and cheer about actual stars, the ancients will tell them “Maybe, but nothing compared to Faulk’s scoring for our very first TD; but you’re much too young to know that” and youngsters will regret he left so soon… And ancients will have to minutes of glory.

  2. I guess with that AV down his career was over. It is a shame. Hope he enjoys his retirement and I agree with Sestonn, assistant coaching job for MarSheep! 🙂

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