Against all odds

Locker room in the catacombs of the All Seeing Eye, home to the Slaan Seers. You might smell that reminiscent scent of Josiah Frost’s final cigar he smoked somwhere in his office beneath the stadium when he decided to abandon his players after the Harrelsons scored their third and final touchdown of the game in turn 14. But what happened?

Coming into this game both teams knew, it was all or nothing. Well, not exactly nothing, but just a bowl game.Harrelsons were not very confident about this one before the game. After a tough season, they had to sign four young journey-men right before the game to put eleven players onto the pitch. The lizards on the other hand were thirsty for blood. Not only losing to them, but also getting beaten up by their bitter rivals, the White Owlz, the grudge against elves was strong for them and they manage to use this energy. Taking out two elves right in the beginning of the match showed their true intentions.

LouLizCSC did not know what to do. Normally known for having a rather ‘orcish’ approach to coaching elves, he had to change his strategy. ‘Fall back, fall back! Just try to wait it out!’, he yelled hat his players while the injured ones were carried off. So, his team delivered. Perfectly positioning themselves, dodging around, moving from one side to the other, the managed to keep the progression of the lizard’s cage down to a minimum. But right when the ref was about to whistle for half-time, the Harrelsons’ super-star, Sililith Sprintchamp failed to dodge and gave the Seers an easy touchdown.

‘Not this time’, Sprintchamp said while taking the ball from the end-zone. Coach LouLiz got his players together and showed them the next play in every detail. Everybody nodded and back to the field they went. The saurus did not know what happened until the ref blew his whistle the next time. The elves used him, pushing him around to help their star catcher to score. Smiles came back to the elves’ faces. They had a chance and they would use it. The second half was just finest elf-bs. Leaping, throwing, blitzing, dodging – it was all of it.

‘This is over’ he said, giving Hemlock, the ‘star player’ he hired to take the seers to the playoffs, an even evil eye than he normally does via his crystal ball. While JoFro started preparations for their bowl game against the Seers nemesis, the White Owlz, the elves started celebrating already close to their own end zone. ‘I can’t believe we pulled this one off’ said Fumble Fingers, the most agile player in the MML, who joined the Harrelsons just prior to this season and became their leader right away, to Dancing Leaves. The wardancer only thought of his brother, who got brutally murdered by the Granite City Grimbeards. At this point of the season all hope for the post-season seemed shattered into pieces and here they were now, having an unexpected shot at the title.

The lizards did not know what to do. Shall they play on, trying to score again? Their new overseer (mk III), who debated everything but this with his coach, looked at the coaching crystal ball, but Josiah Frost was long gone. ‘Well, let’s just enjoy this sunny day together, gentlemen. We still have a bowl game to play, don’t we?’ So, the skinks and saurai enjoyed the sun while Hemlock was busy taking selfies with Sililith Sprintchamp, MVP of the game and actual star player.

Back in the locker room, the smell of tobacco is gone and replaced by sweat, dirt and sweet wine. High-fives (very high – the saurus-sized locker room leaves the elves plenty of room to leap) all over the place. Hilmar the Healer took care of the two players who got hurt earlier in the game, Clenched Cheeks looks like he is finally able to relax a little after dodging sauris-hits all game. Here comes coach LouLizCSC and we get the chance for a quick interview.

Spike: Coach, what are your thoughts winning this game and taking the team to the playoffs?

LouLizCSC: Well, coach JoFro is brilliant and I have nothing but respect for then but Hemlock let him down. I got to thank my players for this one. Pulling off that TD at the end of first half was great, the second half was just marvelous. All I can hope for is that they stay healthy throughout the post-season. Last season we got beaten to the ground by some orcs rolling over us. we won’t let that happen again.

Spike: And you got lucky. Rodentia ad Nauseam are is a fantastic team and NTB is one of the best coaches in the league, but they are not exactly known to take out the opposing team.

LouLizCSC: Expect a high-scoring game, folks. Han Tavarius is just insane, but don’t underestimate the other gutter runners, they can score from anywhere at any time. Still, I believe they are the best potential matchup for us right now. The season has been really tough on us and the next one won’t be much easier.’

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