All Good Things Come To An End

Brun walked into the Hornets dressing room looked around his dispondent players and smiled well as much as a skeleton can smile. On your feet the players rose to their feet slowly a hard season had taken its toll they’d lost teammates and friends along the way but they hadn’t lost the never say die attitude that so endeared them to their fans.

The Hornets fans could still be heard chanting their favourite songs, Brun looked around “you should be proud get your heads up we came back from disaster when no one said we could last season we were close to making the play offs” the players lifted their heads “look inside your rib cages what do you see?” The players looked confused “i’ll tell you what i see heart! More heart than most living players” his players lifted their heads a little more and pushed their shoulders back.

“Right! Get out there theyre waiting to see their heroes” the players came out the dressing room and headed down the tunnel, Brun watched as they emerged into the light to a almighty roar “Hornets!Hornets!Hornets!” Then Brun slumped on a nearby bench picked up a mangled helmet emblazened with a Hornet logo, so tired he thought so tired.

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