Alway be Family

ONCE UPON A TIME there was an agile werewolf who was skilled at blocking. Glumtusk Whitefur had begun his MML career on Coach Hez’s Necro Farm-Ya team before signing to the Pros with Coach Serious Jest’s Hopeless Necromantics in Season 16. There, he was mentored by an uber-fast, strong, hard-hitting werewolf named Wulskusk Lowell, who helped Glumtusk improve both his speed and his strength. The two made quite a pair, and Glumtusk had just perfected his tackling technique, when Wulskusk was killed in the third game of Season 18.

Soon after, Glumtusk became a mentor to a rookie werewolf, Cruel Intentions. Glumtusk passed on the training techniques he had learned from Wulskusk, and Cruel made significant strength gains in very short time. Under Glumtusk’s tutelage, it wasn’t long before Cruel was a skilled blocker and tackler; he even learned how to dodge and throw mighty blows, skills that Glumtusk hadn’t really developed.

Glumtusk was bestowed the Team Captain’s Armband upon the sudden retirement of the flesh golum, Atlach the Cadaverous, which sabotaged the team’s Season 20 Playoff run.  The next season, Glumtusk ironically earned Legendary status following an unceremonious Playoff loss to one of the Romantics’ longtime rivals, Blood of Amber. He also learned how to leap over other players and became a unique threat to opposing teams.

Glumtusk and Cruel continued to terrorize the league until Cruel was killed in a Season 27 Playoff loss. This dynamic duo had ensured the Romantics were a Playoff mainstay for many seasons, but they had never achieved a Championship. Moreover, Glumtusk blamed Cruel’s death on Glumtusk’s own poor performance that match. Heading into the next season, Coach Jest told the media, “Glumtusk may retire this season, and if I couldn’t get it done with him and Cruel Intentions, well….”

Glumtusk didn’t retire that season, though, instead extending his play through the League maximum into Season 29, in order to mentor Death, a young, mighty werewolf blocker whose contract had been procured from Coach shakeydog23’s Apocalypse Howl Farm team before Season 28. In the less than two seasons that Glumtusk played with Death, the young wolf became a better dodger than Glumtusk. The Romantics made the Season 28 playoffs with this new duo (but still couldn’t finish the job), and they played themselves into a playoff opportunity in Season 29. Unfortunately, Glumtusk had to retire after Game 6, and without him, they were overwhelmed by the Queekwell Rugrats, fulfilling Coach RMac’s bold prediction in the preseason that the Romantics would miss the Playoffs for the first time in a while that season. The last thing Glumtusk did before leaving the team was finish teaching Death to master tackling.

Glumtusk got a standing ovation and an embrace from the entire team upon his departure. Even his 380 earned Star Player Points didn’t adequately depict all of his contributions. Coach Jest declared, “You have sacrificed so much for this team. I’m sorry we couldn’t win you a Championship, but your spirit will continue to drive us, and when we do win it, the victory will still also be yours. You’ll always be family.”

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