Amazon Live – Puma’s Looking for Playoffs

“Good evening Amazon fans. Welcome to Amazon Live with your host The Flying Dove. Top story today; Coach Dragoon was seen earlier with a smile on his face as he left the field in the 4th game of the MML season coming out with a very well fought win against the ever Dwarfy Red Rolling Rockers. The fans were seen singing there praises as they beat one of there rivals and push on to what some fans call the best season that the amazon have ever got to witness. In an exclusive video it can be heard fans calling out to the Underground Souls that they ‘Got lucky’ after the game. This comes from the Puma’s getting off to a flying start with 3 wins and only a single loss to there name coming from the reigning champs of the Souls just last week. The Souls also getting rid of fan favourite, the Beauty of Gwyneth. Gwyneth being the main ball handler of the Puma’s passing the ball on multiple occasions managing to assist in the scoring of multiple touchdowns. We will be talking about the transfer rumours right after this, its the Wonder Woman theme tune.”

“Welcome back, so there are a lot of young Amazon players looking to get themselves in the Puma squad. One such transfer rumour is any of the players from from the recent upcoming Golden Grrrls managed by HappyBudda11, that has to take a break due to some internal issues what have not been made public knowledge here in the studio. But with many stars like the team captain Mikasa and there star thrower Rosie on the squad, the coach Dragoon must be looking at all these players surely. I’m sure the new team will be back at some point and the Golden Grrrls might just challenge the Pumas at some point in the future. There are tonnes of Players for the Pumas to look at however, now are person behind the scenes has identified 2 Amazon coaches what have a few teams but no longer are playing competitively with them. We of course are talking about Thundy and Gio who have tonnes of star potential players who could still want to play competitively in the pro scene. This is of course where the highly popular Tank Grrrrl came from 2 seasons ago who has further improved and is looking like being one of the true stars of the Pumas in the near future. So there is a lot of choices to be made in the Puma camp coming up to the last 3 games of the season. Stay with us cause after this advertisement of the new Puma merchandise, were rapping up Amazon live with a talk about the final 3 games of the season and potential playoff fixtures.”

“Its great merchandise I would highly recommend buying some of that. I have even got on the new Puma hat as we talk about them, and man does it smell good. But then I’ve always liked how dead Kroxigor smells and when you make it into a shape of a Puma, its a great combination. But enough about that, were wrapping this up talking about the upcoming 3 games for the Pumas to end there season and do we in the studio think the Pumas will finally take an amazon team to the playoffs. Next week, they have the Paradigm Shift. Now this is worrying for the Pumas, as they never have really got off well against the sewer creeps and this could yet again be a bane in there side with rumours of a wizard being used in that game. The Paradigm Shift chasing the Pumas in third place as well will not be holding anything back to try and get the win, and with Gnaw Gnaw Quicksmash on the squad this could turn ugly for the Pumas. In week 5 they have a necromantic team to face in the Cadaver Robbers. Again no slouch in this league sitting mid table right now. It will be interesting to see how the Amazons play that game as we have not seen them play against a Necromantic side so should be a good affair that one. Then all Puma fans hearts must stop and worry about Week 7, as they face the Midward Isle Mongoose Kislev squad. Right now halfway through the season undefeated topping the table; you have to fear if the Pumas need something from week 7 they might just not get it, if the Kislev squad continues there run of form.”

“Now lets just talk for a second before we end it, about the Playoffs and what the Pumas could possibly face next season. If they manage to get through to the playoffs, it could be possible that they get to meet an old rivalry what the players have against former Champs, Blood of Amber. Now they faced off last season with some words being exchanged and a rivalry starting to form as the Pumas, as they always have been may I say, got a bit rowdy with the Dark Elves in that 1-1 spectacle. Obviously some bad blood between the teams that we ALL want to see get resolved on the pitch. Now moving into next season they could be lots of bad blood being formed as there are a few Lizard teams that could be getting promoted. As the Amazons we collectively hate Norse, Dwarf and Lizard teams. So there could be some interesting games next season with Lizards getting promoted and the Dwarfs that are already in the league. On top of this the former coach of Dwarfageddon, Bernie Buffon, may just be returning to the pro scene with some deadly orcs. Bernie Buffon is not a popular coach amongst the Puma supporters with him always getting booed into the stadium.”
“Lots to look forward too in the future with the Amazonican Puma’s, for the ending of this season and through to next season. Join us next time on Amazon Live where we talk everything Amazon, and hopefully talking about the Pumas Playoff games. I’ve been your host The Flying Dove, see you next time on Amazon Live.”

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