The Following was found on the Commissioner’s desk at MML Headquarters:

AN OPEN LETTER TO GOBLIN GAMBLING – (Or GG as you would ‘style’ yourselves.)

We an ancient and most benevolent order who have long remained hidden from the eyes of those who cannot see, the unenlightened of the MML and the wider world will deign to respond to your petty missives.

The audicity and arrogance of your letter would astound us. It would, were it not for the fact that we have seen much in our long and respected history. We have seen the rise and fall of Empires. We have seen the waxing and waning of civilisations and we have seen the movements of the stars. Who are a bunch of upstart goblins to threaten us?

We respect your power, however, and would not have dreamed of considering you to be our concern. If we were you then we would pray to whichever deity may hold sway that you continue to not become our concern. Please consider this and heed our advice. Be assured it is well meant. We are 8 strong? – Are we really? You have tracked us to our hidden lair? – Have you really? – What do you actually know to be truth and what do you know to be false? Perhaps you have discovered one enclave of our power. One of many. Perhaps this enclave is designed to lure the unsuspecting in. Have you considered this? – Perhaps we have agents within your organisation? – Perhaps there are many more members of our organisation in more of the hallowed halls, in a myriad of organisations, than you, with your tiny minds could imagine.

You have made threats against us. You want us to succumb to your will, but by what right? We will choose who we include in our most private discourses. We will choose our own path and our own destiny. Be wary that you do not stand in our way. We have slumbered and we have chosen to bide our time to act, as is our way. Slow to anger, but quick to wrath. You set us an ultimatum. Now we, again, respecting your power, politely advise you against this course of self-destruction you have embarked upon. Do not taunt the leviathon and arouse him from his deepest sleep. What does the blind man, or blind goblin in this pitiful instance, seek to see the most? – They seek to see the light! To gaze upon it’s brillance… But be afraid goblin-kin. Be afraid of the secrets you wish to uncover and the light you wish to behold. Were we to take you from your unenlightened state, (which believe us is where you currently reside,) and allow you to behold the truth; then you would pray for blindness. You would cry out for mercy and try desperately to return to the darkness! We reside in the shadows for the good of all. We remain secret for your benefit, not our own. Fear the light and the fire which we would bring. If you cannot fear it, then respect it and us, lest it and we burn you and all you hold dear.

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