An Unsustainable Situation

A beer bloated fly buzzed onto a damp patch of table and no sooner had it extended it’s slimy proboscis than a cold fist slammed it into the woodwork. The table buckled. The weasely accountant sitting on one side abruptly ended their sentence half way through a word. A brief hush fell over the bar.

“I’m no longer listening”.

This from somewhere above the fist. The accountant hesitated for a few relaxing seconds before launching back into the spiel. Tony, true to his word, was by now watching highlights on the Cabalvision orb over a quivering shoulder.

He smirked as he watched Norbert the Hypnotist pull off a particularly risky pass against the Karak Dragons for the purpose of vanity alone.

“…thralls dropping like flies…”

He subtly averted his eyes as Donut the goblin crossed into the endzone for the Speed Freeks, the second time the simple combination of a goblin and a troll had snatched a win away from him.

“…treasury dangerously low…”

He chuckled at Thirsty Percy dancing through the Pumas last line of defence to score a second against the humans, and then their counter attack failing at the final hurdle. A result some might call ‘lucky’ but Tony knew was down to his skill alone.

“…unsustainable situation…”

Tony’s face darkened as their latest game flashed accross the orb. The accountant hesitated again, but soldiered on. After a sterling start versus the monstorous Blood of Amber, all cohesion and strategy had utterly collapsed in the second half with panic descending upon the thralls. As the third elf to score started their ridiculous celebrations, Tony’s patience evaporated.

“In short, you’re going to need a…”

Tony siezed the accountant by the neck so suddenly that it barely registered, and the final word still slipped out as the creature sailed accross the room into the orb:


A handful of bored patrons shifted to see what the fuss was about, and swiftly shifted back when they saw who was involved. The cantankerous vampire momentarily considered razing the whole decrepit establishment to the ground, but then where would he hold his business meetings? Sponsorship. He winced as he thought about the depraved sorts he would have to mingle with to pull this off. The weak and the needy were there to be exploited for their blood, not for their coin. He could never see eye to eye with these cash obsessed monsters. But perhaps he could turn this inconvenience into an opportunity…

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