Announcing MMLPro Franchise Coaches

LEAGUE OFFICE – Today the MML League announces it will be rewarding loyal MMLPro coaches with the new Franchise Coach program.

Effective immediately, any MMLPro Coach who meets the below criteria will qualify as a Franchise Coach. Franchise coaches receive a 10TV bonus as long as they maintain their Franchise status.

Franchise Coach Requirements:

  • Must have a total Pro Coach winning percentage of .500 or better.
    • Pro Coach winning percentage is comprised of all Pro teams coached combined.
  • Must have coached at the Pro level for at least two full seasons.
    • Prior seasons need not be consecutive.
    • In-progress Seasons do not count towards incentive.

Franchise Coach status is awarded at the end of each Season to eligible coaches.  Franchise status is retained as long as the Coach meets the requirements. Should a Pro Coach fail to meet the requirements (such as ending a season with an overall winning record of less than .500), Franchise status will be revoked.