Announcing the MML Hall of Fame

updated 14/07/17

LEAGUE OFFICE – The Mead & Mayhem League is proud to establish the MML Hall of Fame! The Hall of Fame is be comprised of the elect coaches who have established themselves as the upper echelon of Blood Bowl 2 coaches. Election to the Hall of Fame is by committee, given the Rules for Election outlined below.


MML Rules for Election

  1. Authorization: By authorization of the League, the Coaches Board is authorized to hold an election every odd numbered season (3,5,7, etc.) for the purpose of electing members to the MML Hall of Fame.
  2. Eligible Candidates: Candidates to be eligible must meet the following requirements:
    1. A coach must have been active as a coach for at least four full seasons prior to election.
    2. A coach must have have coached at least three bowl games prior to election.
    3. A coach must have won at least one Conference Championship.
  3. Method of Election:
    1. Balloting : The MML will post eligible candidates prior to each election. A total of two ballots will be held. Each active coach in the league may cast 1 vote for the candidate of their choice, per ballot. Write-in votes are not permitted. The first Ballot will be an open vote with all candidates presented. Following this ballot the two (2) candidates with the largest share of the vote will be presented in a second ballot.
    2. Nominated : Following the second ballot of eligible candidates the candidate receiving the largest share of the popular vote shall be nominated for membership to the MML Hall of Fame.
    3. Automatic Elections : No automatic elections based on any criteria shall be permitted.
    4. Confirmation of Nominations : The Coaches Board will consider all nominees and hold a closed session Confirmation Ballot. The Coaches Board needs to have a quorum present, and a majority vote is necessary to confirm a nomination.
  4. Barring: Coaches who have been banned, suspended or in any way disciplined by the League for any reason are not eligible for the Hall of Fame. Coaches who are already Hall of Fame members that fall under this purview will automatically loose their Hall of Fame status and all entitlements.
  5. Entitlements:
    1. MML Hall of Fame coaches are entitled to a 100 bTV allotment.
      1. The 100 bTV allotment is a bTV pool not a permanent allowance.
      2. HoF coaches may choose to utilize any amount of the allotted 100 bTV at anytime, but must do so in increments of 10 bTV. Example; a coach may utilize 10 bTV each season until the 100 bTV is used up, or they may choose to use all 100 bTV in a single season, or any combination thereof; each time subtracting the used portion from the pool, until the pool is expended.
    2. MML Hall of Fame coaches receive special billing on their team and coach page.
    3. Official MML Hall of Famer T-Shirt.