Annual Holiday Gala

Happy Holidays from the MML!!!

The MML is pleased to announce the first Annual Holiday Gala! It’s that time of year where we gather as a community and celebrate the reason for the season: Blood Bowl!

This year will be no exception, and the MML has spared no expense in good clean Blood Bowl entertainment!

This years Gala will culminate on the dance floor, followed a special visit from Grandpa Nuffle!!!!


  • You will need to find a date before you can RSVP.
  • You and your date will be competing as a couple for the Grand Prize!
  • Send your RSVP to Preach via Direct Message on Discord:
    • Include both you and your dates Team Names.

Rules for Couples:

  • Couples must each create a New team to bring to the Gala.
  • The combined AV (Armor Value) of the Couple cannot exceed 16.
    • See Racial AV chart below.
  • Mixed couples only. (No same race couples)

Gala Rules:

  • All Couples will be entered into a round robin “dance off”.
  • The Couple with the best combined winning record at the end of the Gala will receive the Grand Prize!
  • When Couples dance with each other (ie, face each other in play), the Gala Officials will manage the match to a draw.
  • Due to zoning restrictions: no wizards are allowed at the Gala. (this means NO WIZARD may be bought via inducements).
  • Due to a restricted guest list: no Star Players or Mercenaries are allowed at the Gala. (this means no team may purchase a Star player or Mercenary during inducements).
    • The Gala will provide stand in dance partners (Journeymen) as necessary – don’t worry.
  • The Gala will start Thursday Nov 24th.
  • Each dance (play day) will be changed (advanced) every Friday morning.
  • The Gala will end on the stroke of Midnight CST, Dec 31st, 2016.

Grand Prize!

The lucky winning couple will each receive a $20 Playstation Cash Card!

Racial AV Chart



Prom Kings (Thunden), escorted by the Bearded Queens (???)
Prince Charmings (Rez), escorted by the Pretty Princesses (Preach)
Team Waffles (Royke), escorted by Team Chocolate (Doneagle)
Team TBD (TheStu176), escorted by Team TBD (TigerShark4NU)
Team TBD (BernieBuffon), escorted by Team TBD (Stuntmandidi)
Team TBD (Gerdleah), escorted by Team TDB (Lou)
Beardlier (Hezekiah), escorted by Beardly (Sestonn)
Aggressive Winkers (Lazertrip), escorted by Shafters (ItsaOgre)
Heroes of the Dance Floor (HairyWarthog), escorted by Ball Room Anarchy (Dionysuiz)
Team TBD (ChaseJJ), escorted by Team TBD (Fnords)
Kings of the Ring (JosiahFrost), escorted by Team TBD (WhiskeyTornado)
Mean Machine Team (SeroiusJest), escorted by Gang Green Gang (Caven)
Team TBD (StuffnJunk), escorted by Team TBD (Trip)


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