Another Game, Another Rock

Morning After with Coach Spawn our interviewer Chuck E. Cheese.

Coach, tell us your thoughts about what transpired last night.

Well Chuck, I’m calling into question the security of the MML. We play a rough game and injuries happen. But how the fans are allowed to bring rocks in or in the case of last night “dignity rocks” being sold in the stands baffles me. From the opening kickoff Jiven’ took one to the head and still hasn’t woken up from it. We aren’t even sure he will be ready for next week. Then as if playing some undead and wolf monstrosities isn’t hard enough, we had to dodge rocks the entire game. Coach Seriousjest wasn’t having that issue. He is an amazing coach and took advantage of the crowds favor.

Why didn’t you sign Patchlich, he seemed to have a great game for a Mercenary?

We actually had a contract written up Chuck. We called him in our office. When he didn’t show up we were confused to say the least. All rats want to play for the Butts. Then we saw him in the parking lot face down in a pool of Blood. Guess what was next to him….a rock. Inscribed on that rock was a crudely written #SpankTheButts and on the other side was #ButtsStink. Sad really. We are trying to grow as an organization, but the other coaches fear us so much they are going to extraordinary lengths to stop our rise again.

At 1-0-2 do you fear that the Butts will be relegated back to the farm?

It’s definitely a concern Chuck. We still have plenty of games to play. But this team just doesn’t have the fire they use to have. Sure we still hit hard. But our Runners look out of shape and tired. Maybe they are afraid to break cover because of all the rocks being thrown. But we need to find a way to turn this thing around and quick.


One more question Legendary Spawn. Cheese Grater? What happened last night?

Last night was definitely a rough one. But the rock Knocking out Jiven’ enraged him. He couldn’t really regain his focus throughout the match. With all the Cas, and Ko’s the Necromantics were inflicting made us ask more out of him as well. Hopefully we can use our special techniques to get him calm and ready for next week.

Well there you have it MML fans. Tune in later for some more Pro, CL and farm action. until next time Chuck E. Cheese signing off. Stay Cheesy My friends.


















  1. The League received a memo this morning stating, “CATS claims responsibility for all rock throwing at the #StinkyButts.”

  2. Due to last night’s demand, Dignity has reopened the Official Dignity Rock factory. Thank you blood bowl fans!

  3. It was an honour to call this match for the Skuttle Butts and the legendary Spawn. Sad it didn’t quite work out the way it should. I am especially sad about poor Patchlich. He was the stand out player, probably why he earned MVP. I am sure it is a minor setback and that, indeed, it is just jealousy that is leading to these issues. Perhaps you need some big burly saurus enforcers. πŸ˜‰

  4. Lol! Looks like I need to put in an extra large order of Dignity Rocks for next week! πŸ€πŸ­πŸ€πŸ­πŸ€πŸ­

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