Apocalypse on ice

InGen were suffering their worst season results in their entire history. With the remaining fixtures arguably the most challenging and brutal. Despite a brilliant comeback Wyatt’s tactics couldn’t even maintain a 4-4 draw with Rodentia Ad Nausium, Han Tavirus proving his class with a punishing turn 16 waltz into the end zone: 4-5. The relay of information from coach Wyatt via coaching assistants was largely to blame. The following week produced a loss to orcs then an even worse result and another loss to Nurgle. Ever since the InGen clade masters had eaten his body alive and transferred his brain to being suspended in a glass bowl, Wyatt had lost a little of his focus. The death of Gwen hit the team hard. Morale was down already so the death of Conqaxl left every InGen player devastated. The senseless nature of it all the more numbing. Against this backdrop the InGen tower elevator doors slide open and the three Clade Masters entered. Velociraptor, Deinonychus and Saurornitholestes stood in silence their back to the far wall. Behind them entered a single human servant pushing Wyatt’s brain along on its trolley with attached archaic computer system. The lift closed and the numbers began to fall. As they passed ground the numbers began counting negative and the elevator continued to fall. Dozens of floors passed before the shaft turned to glass and the lift fell into what appeared to be nothing but brilliant white light. When they neared the base of the massive underground chamber a vast laboratory came into focus. Row after row of experiments all set up on a bright glowing white floor. Each more disturbing than the next, grotesque mutations of Lizard and Man. Most of the things still living looked as if they should not be, the failures of International Genetics immoral crusade. The doors opened and the soft squeaking of the wheels on the trolley could be heard as they departed into this endless chamber of horrors. Five words appeared on Wyatt’s computer screen as they silently walked towards their destination.
“Where are you taking me?”
Nobody answered.
They approached a large suspiciously smoking steel bin, Ice forming at its edges.
Deinonychus gently took the Jar containing Wyatt’s brain, disconnected its wires and dropped it into deep freeze.

Wyatt’s world had gone from bleak, to horrifying, then strangely peaceful and now his very existence was all but gone. Frozen in storage and in time, perhaps never again to be revived.

International Genetics finish out their season with one last game Against their old foe the Weeping Widow Makers. All that remains now is a fitting and respectful farewell to this controversial Lizardman side and their diabolical corporate sponsors.


  1. Terrible news…. As much as I hate to admit it, I would have liked the traitor lizards to stick around!

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