Apocalyptic ultimatum

The Wight stood over Phelsumas lifeless corpse, his heart exerting its last beat in the fingers of the White Walker. Coach Gimlik roared in triumph and the stadium echoed deeply as his voice was joined by the howl of his wolves, not just on the pitch but also those around him on the sideline. His personal entourage and professional guard known as the Wolf Pack. The apocalypse Lizards were stunned, but only for a moment. The saurus quickly surrounded the wight and after a brutal struggle the ball was gathered up by Swoop and carried safely to the end zone.

The holographic projector was switched off and the stadium fell into the earth the light fading out as the flickering glow of candles replaced it, returning coach wyatt to the reality of the ominously dark InGen board room. He was alone. The long stone table headed at its three furthest corners by the InGen clade masters Velociraptor, Deinonychus and Saurornitholestes.

Deinonychus:”This was your last victory and the turning point of the season”.

Velociraptor:”The death of Phelsuma has derailed your plans and left our franchise unable to compete and unlikely to progress…”

Wyatt:”We knew at the seasons beginning this play pool would be punishing, I’ve done what I could but these teams are highly skilled-”

Saurornitholestes furiously cut him off, “And we are not?! Your excuses are pitiable little human! You’re worth less than the ground up humans I feed my young!” He rose from his chair and his full towering figure could be seen. A full metre higher than the average humanoid with arms unnaturally thin and long ending in human hands with long razor sharp claws at the finger tips. The loose fitting black gown he wore betrayed curious protrusions and deformities of his torso. His skin patches of leather and scales, he continued to speak as he stalked around the table towards Wyatt.
“Your performance has been at best mediocre and at worst a complete disaster, by this time we expected to see progress but instead you deliver us more bad results. Your position is indefensible and your role as coach of the Apocalypse untenable.”

Now standing within arms reach saurornitholestes rested his long right arm on Wyatt’s shoulder, as if to speak casually with him. Wyatt was terrified but showing nothing, keeping his body still and his gaze fixed forwards. He had already decided this would be his last visit to InGen tower, buying him enough time to flee the corporation undetected.

Saurornitholestes:”We have spoken before of certain.. consequences of failure. I wanted to reassure you that we shall not be killing you today.” The Clade masters head looked wistfully upon the newest human servant steadily circling the room re lighting the candles in the grandiose board room. “You are worth still slightly more to us than the humans we take from the rebellious dream wild movement for our amusement at the tower. Whilst their hopes of freedom from InGen are a pitiable farce, your hope of survival is still attainable little human. As we crush the wild dreams of hope spread among our human slave population by that insufferable pro team we are willing to portion some hope out now to you. If you reach the play offs, you can live.” His head tilted and drew uncomfortably close to Wyatt’s face, the details of saurornitholestes hideous form made all the more repulsive when combined with the rotten smell of the creature. “In case your considering fleeing. I would strongly advise against that little human. You see whilst riding the elevator here we exposed you to an undetectable air born parasite of my own creation.” Saurornitholestes tapped a clawed finger on Wyatt’s temple, “The microscopic creatures have no doubt begun to congregate in your Medulla Oblongata by now, there they will continue to breed and grow until you die.” The fear in Wyatt’s eyes showed clearly as his wide eyed gaze darted around the room, his plans to escape completely derailed. “Oh don’t worry!” Saurornitholestes continued, “You have a few weeks left, enough to complete the season and.. should you qualify for the play offs, I am able to inject you with another parasite. This one is utterly harmless and will simply seek out the first and destroy it.”

Wyatt’s eyes dropped to the ground, giving the outward appearance of a broken spirit whilst inside he knew he just had to get out of there as fast as possible and find help. He spoke in a quiet determined voice: “Then I shall have to reach the play offs, or die trying.”

Saurornitholestes:”Very good. Very good! Now leave us! Your presence is required at the training compound, you have much work to do.”

As Wyatt descended in the towers elevator his mind raced with questions his very existence depended upon. There was only one clear path left for him to take, defeat the dwarves of Praag No5 in week 6 or everything would be lost.


  1. I feel for s-c-wyatt… Lizard Boards are not fun and rather Cruel. I’m happy i was able to escape mine with my life.

  2. I see this for what it is!!! A pathetic appeal for clemency in the last two upcoming games of the degenerate SCWyatt. This will not wash with the Widowmakers!!!
    Before the season we made it known that destroying InGen was our season goal. Nothing has changed that including the pitiful pleas of this article.
    Make ready for war Lizards.

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