ArchAndroids Dump off coach in dramatic sell out.

In a surprise press conference held at the home of the ArchAndroids on 16/1/18 the owners of the small franchise announced they had agreed a deal with a mysterious benefactor in excess of five million gold coins. In exchange the club will be releasing their manager Hugh Mann from his contract and giving up their challenge league place in favour of a season of Farm games. When asked what the future holds for their old coach the sellouts said they were contractually obliged to maintain secrecy about that and they were just “happy to get so much cash for such a terrible coach!” However, they did imply that his new employers had head hunted coach Hugh Mann and that he would now be called Coach Wyatt.

The ArchAndroids enjoyed a successful first season with a record of 3-0-4 against the toughest of opponents. They kept play off hopes alive right down to their last game and thrilled the crowds with their attacking play. They also received much praise from the announcers with the famous Fnords describing their plays as “Just Amazing”. Wyatt’s brief foray into the Elven Union world was a huge amount of fun thanks entirely to the great coaches in the CPR/TNA playpool. We hope Season 12 brings more of the same!

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