Are the Legends really legends?

Coach Spawn sat in his dimly lit office. Stat sheets from every game scattered across his desk. It was a rough first season in the pros with the Legends. They just didn’t seem up to the task. Or was it his coaching style? Maybe relentless pressure just wasn’t the best option anymore. Things had changed since the last time he was in the Pro league.

He had many decisions to make. He already had a multitude of farm teams asking for his services. Ale House was tempting, but then they went and sold off their best bull, Kuhnhenn. Have to keep an eye on him in the league. He had offers from Human teams, Elf teams and suprisingly some skaven teams. With 1 year left in his contract, he had to keep his options open.

With decisions to make and not knowing where his future would take him, he started preparing for off season workouts. Strength and conditioning for the rats. Agility training for the goblins. Those were easy. But, what to do with Umphf? He wants the ball. He has a shoe deal! But he needs to get stronger and needs to learn how to use those tentacles of his. That will be the biggest challenge.

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