Arise Dwarfageddon

Bernie put his shades on and turned to Steve Michaels, well Steve what a sucky way to crash out of the play offs. The Plague Ridden Cowboys where no more a new chapter was to begin, goodbye to the Cowboys and Arise Dwarfageddon. After the weather put paid to two shots of the play offs with the cowboys and his team falling to bits, it was time to look to coach another team. A team that could pack a punch, take a punch not fall apart and do what was required to win us a MML Title. Dwarfageddon fitted that bill and already the team have been gaining fans and new admirers as they put there skills to the test in the farm led by silky runner Tomahawk Dan they finished there farm stint with a very respectful 11-1-0 Record. Fans where amazed at the dodging skills on show from Dwarfageddon, it was a sight to behold. Some fans claimed they had elf genetics inside them, while others thought a rune of dodge was emblazoned onto there shining glistening armour. One thing for sure is if they cannot go threw you they can also go around you, Led by the Bash Brothers in Rage Fist Rand and Flaming Inferno Pete the franchise are hoping to rain down the pain, but the big question is can they do what the cowboys couldn’t do in two attempts, win them some Challenge Cup Gold.



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