Assassin for hire mml pro only


It has come to my attention that there are a growing number of incredible pro players that no one seems to be able to get rid of, as such I am offering my services to help with this crisis.

  • To participate, contact me via Direct Message on PSN Messenger/Chat




  1. Wrecking Kru doesn’t want to get rid of the best players. We want to beat the best players. Where is the fun in beating a team that is inferior to you?

  2. more details will be announced once i see who i am playing. but this is only for the playful I’m in

  3. Fr:TheRealDrumph
    Question. Contract accepted on Players only? What about coaches or League Commissioners?
    #Money talks$$$

  4. Does the bounty offer only extend to Pro players? Or can we also kill off some challenge league ones as well? 🙂

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