At the Eye of Revelation: Tips for a Healthy Mind

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The following is an excerpt of pamphlets that have been circulating the All Seeing Eye, home and stadium of the Slann Seers:

Healthy Mind ‘Workout’ Tips from the Eye of Revelation

So my friends, I just wanted to share with you some thoughts; for a healthier mind. Be lost in the moment. Recently I tried to leap over yet another monstrous looking Black orc and charge with due abandon at a vicious looking orc in a hopeless bid to bring him to the ground. It ended in disaster, naturally. (Not as disastrously as for my colleague and friend, the Eye of Ra, who had his career effectively ended this season.) The fact I survived a full season, I put down not just to my prowess on the field, the ability to fall flat on my face and then just haul myself back up, but also on the health of my mind.

So when I lie face down in the dirt. I try this simple exercise I want to share with you all. You can try it anywhere! When you are getting your groceries, (just take yourself off into a corner, should you need it,) prior to single handedly chasing off a hoard of ogres, when out walking… But preferably not when you are in charge of any form of automation, especially those of a dangerous nature. (No deathroller drivers participating, please, unless they wish to practice when playing us in a match.)

Begin by bringing your attention into your body.

You can close your eyes if that’s comfortable for you. (Not always ideal if you are expecting incoming ogres, orcs, angry trollslayers or other such individuals, but otherwise; ideal.)

You can notice your body seated, (ideally,) or wherever you are. Feeling the weight of your body on a chair, on the floor, in the air even. (We do like to leap.)

Take a few deep breaths.

And as you take a deep breath, bring in more of the air; enlivening the body. And as you exhale, have a sense of relaxing more deeply.

You can notice your feet, wherever they are. Notice the sensations of your feet touching, whatever they are touching. The weight and pressure, vibration, heat. Are they together or apart. Just take time to think about them and be lost in the moment.

You can notice your legs and again their positioning. Pressure, pulsing, heaviness, lightness… It doesn’t matter. Don’t judge the moment.

Should your mind drift, don’t worry. Should you notice adverse sounds, (the screams of dead comrades, people haggling over the price of melons, the thunderous approach of a deathroller,) don’t worry. Don’t force yourself, but gently bring your mind back to focus on yourself, your body, and the moment.

Notice your back, wherever it is situated. You may have aches or pains, (Especially if you have failed to leap over a black orc and landed in the dirt.) Just take note of these. Don’t judge them. Simply note them, in the moment, and bring yourself back.

Bring your attention into your stomach area. If your stomach is tense or tight, let it soften. Take a breath.

Notice your hands. Are your hands tense or tight. See if you can allow them to soften.

Notice your arms. Feel any sensation in your arms. Let your shoulders be soft.

Notice your neck and throat. Let them be soft. Relax. (Hopefully a troll isn’t trying to throttle you at this point, which makes it a little more difficult.)

Soften your jaw. Let your face and facial muscles be soft.

Then notice your whole body present. Take one more breath.

Be aware of your whole body as best you can. Take a breath. And then when you’re ready, you can bring yourself back.

Just take time friends! Just take time! Don’t rush the above exercise. I assure you it will help! If you have just lost a match 5-0 and have a number of dead players on your team, try this exercise. It is eminently better than giving into the salt! If you are worried about an upcoming playoff game, also try this exercise. I, again, assure you it will help!

Should anyone reading this, wish any more help, then please do write to me and express your interest! I can produce more helpful aids to a healthier mind!


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