At the Eye of Time

This post is part of the series Slann Seer Stories

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This post is part of the series The Slann Seers Stories

Other posts in this series:

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  2. At the Eye of Time (Current)
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The following is a copy of the latest Lustrian Chronicle interview by Emilio Ciano:

It was some time ago that I interviewed Coach Josiah Frost, when he was the head coach for the Slaan Seers. [See previous report]

I was keen to meet up with coach Frost, following him having changed career from managing the Slaan Seers, whose players mysteriously disappeared shortly thereafter, and has subsequently gone on to coach a team purporting to hail from Kislev in the latest season of the MML. This team, The Slann Seers, have seen very limited success in the Challenge League. When contacting the All Seeing Eye, (still the stadium, for coach Frost’s team,) I was advised that coach Frost himself was not and would not be available for interview at this time, but that I could conduct an interview with one of his players. ‘The Eye of Time.’ I was a little disheartened that I was not even able to speak to the team captain, calling himself the ‘Super Seer,’ but nontheless I attended the stadium and was taken into an attractive meeting room.

Shortly after I was met by two individuals. One was an older gentleman and the other significantly younger, by appearance. I was a little suprised when both spoke in unison and said, “I am the Eye of Time. It is said that ‘Time heals all wounds,’ but how can this be? This assumption would, when extended to it’s logical conclusion be; that the source of all grief is infinite and the source of all pain the same. Are you in pain Emilio Ciano? Is it your time?”

Just that. Not even so much as a cheery, ‘pleased to meet you,’ or a ‘Hello.’ This reporter must admit to being a little uncomfortable with these two individuals speaking as one and asking such questions, especially as I am still not sure I understood their meaning.

“It is my time to conduct an interview with you,” was the only reply I could muster, trying to make a quip about the situation, although I cannot deny I remained a little nervous. I then proceeded to try to conduct the interview and enquired, “So which of you is actually the Eye of Time?”

“I am the Eye of Time.” Both individuals answered, again, as one. “I am two and I am one. I am several instances, but you see only two before you. I see the future and I remember the past. But I am trapped in the present. Two instances of all infinite possibilities. Time is the longest distance between two places. But if I begin in one place and travel the entire globe and return to the same spot, surely that is the longest distance? What if two globes existed in parralel? Would it be possible to transcend to one travel the longest distance and return to the beginning? What if I could do this multiple times? I am brought by Lord Xlotec, I am the future and I am the past; trapped here in the present. Two instances trapped as one, two of an infinite number of possibilities. Outside and outwith time and all dimensions.”

I didn’t really know how to conduct the interview, so I made polite apologies and left.

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