Back From The Dead

The Hornets fans might be forgiven for being dispirited after their teams awful start to the season two losses, two deaths and no touchdowns in the plus column. But much like their heroes out on the pitch the fans refuse to give in as long as the boys leave everything they have on the field including half his head in the case of the valiant but very dead Tristan Freikassel.

And now the Hornets faithful have a new team to cheer after the team hierarchy hired a Necromancer to revive those brave Hornets who made the ultimate sacrifice for the orange and black. The Hornets sister franchise the Dead Hornets Society have already acquired stars such as ex captain Torg Reizbeck and thrower Timo Goldner have already joined the ranks and such is the willingness to give their all for the colours current Hergig Hornets have already signed pre death contracts.

The Hornets fans have already taken this new team to their hearts and are turning up in their thousands for the chance to see their former favourites and the new team and its players are in familiar surroundings as they share a stadium with the Hergig Hornets.

The old players may have lost a yard of pace and forgotten their old skills but have lost none of their swagger so far they’ve taken to the field twice losing    2-1 to Norse outfit Odins Brothers and a stunning 2-1 victory against a Wood Elf team coached by MML stalwart Lazertrip Timothy Goldner scoring in both games and Torg Reizbeck rolled back the years as he steamrolled down the field to the delight of the adoring crowd.

Here’s hoping the watching Hergig Hornets players are inspired to match their old team mates winning ways.

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